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In Topic: Management of Certificates

17 August 2019 - 03:07 PM

Cheers for your help Zhangrau.  I took your advice and added a new fact type named Certificates. Each now contains a list of the certificates that I've obtained for each, non-living, person in my database. It works a treat.  Thanks again, you're a star.


On a side note, I've not yet linked the scans of certificates I have to the database at the moment. I wanted to ensure that I created a stable/organised file structure for everything I was going to add by way of certificates - directory for Birth, Bann, Education, Marriage, Death certificates etc etc.

However,  I've probably taken this whole thing too far as I am also adding images of any objects that I know are associated with a particular person - treasured items such as: Pets, cars, clocks, paintings, bibles, jewellery and so on... and also images of their headstones, property they have lived in and buildings they have worked in.

This task has obviously grown arms and legs and become a monumental, but enjoyable, task.  To make things even more complex for myself, I've also started creating a Family Media Website where I've been adding any film (Cine to Digital) and audio clips I can locate for family.


For me it is all about building up as full a picture as I can of their life in order that the next generations will know more and not have to make assumptions about certain aspects of their life. This is what I am having to do. Rebuild the picture now, when 20 years ago when some were still here - I could have asked for the answers.  :(

In Topic: Management of Certificates

14 August 2019 - 03:47 PM

Thank you for your prompt and informative reply.  I was sure there would be a way that I had overlooked. I will have a go at this tomorrow.

best wishes from Scotland.