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RM7 and familysearch matches freeze

29 July 2019 - 03:10 PM

FRUSTRATED!!!  When I click on a person in my RM7 database and click on their little tree and I then login to familysearch as requested, my RM7 and the individual I have linked with are not coming up.  Sometimes the familysearch person I link them to under "find matches" loads everything but the parents and spouse (it continues to say loading, however.  just never does).  Sometimes, the match with show I have matched to someone but the information on the "find match page" never shows up, but it does show I have matched it already.  If, I am lucky enough to get the match to show, the ordinances to show up but there are many times it will show there are sources but they along with the information for the shared match does not show.  I have waited as long as 25 minutes to see if the two shared individuals will finally load and they do not many, many times.  Sometimes I try for several hours trying to get it to work.  Then, I will close out of the family search section and go back to just RM7 and it never fails that RM7 is now frozen!  So, I then have to view running processes to close out of RM7 as that is the only way to close out and try to start again.  This has become so very frustrating.  I have reinstalled RM7, have tried Internet Exployer vs Firefox. and even tried unmatching and rematching the RM7 person.  Nothing seems to work.  This has been an ongoing problem for the several years that I have been using RM.  My database is about 21000 and as my database went over about 10000, these problems occurred and have now become a problem more often than not.

Suggestions, please!