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Thinking of switching to RootsMagic

29 July 2019 - 07:57 AM

Hello all...


I'm a long-time Legacy Family Tree user who has been thinking of switching to RootsMagic now that it natively runs on Mac.  While I have a Windows VM on my Mac, Legacy Family Tree is the only program I use on the Windows side, and between the performance drop and the cost/hassle of having to maintain Windows and Parallels, I'd much rather have a native Mac genealogy app.  I tried running Legacy through CrossOver but had poor results.


Up until recently, no native Mac apps could hold a candle to the flexibility or features of Legacy.  But now, with RootsMagic available for Mac (not sure if its native or via CrossOver, but it works well none-the-less) combined with the ability to synchronize my tree with Ancestry (a real plus), makes me seriously consider switching from Legacy to RM.


But, I'm concerned about a few things and wanted the RM communities opinion--particularly anyone who might have some experience with LFT.  I'll play more with the free version of RM to gauge how well I like it, but perhaps you guys could shed some light as well.


* The biggest thing I'm wondering about is the speed at which I can update individual's information.  With Legacy, I've gotten quite used to the keyboard shortcuts which are embedded in my memory, as well as other automatic features I can set such as automatically opening notes after entering an individual, or automatically opening the marriage data box when entering a spouse.  These little features are huge time-savers in a database that is approaching 125,000 individuals.  More significantly, however, seems to be the number of clicks I have to make to update an individual in RM. For example, if I create an individual and return to him/her later to enter his/her information (e.g. birthdate), it seems that I have to click "Add a Fact", scroll through the list of Facts, doubleclick the fact, then click the field in the popup and enter the data.  That's way too many clicks versus LTM, where I navigate to the person and dozens of entry fields are immediately there ... name, dates, places, alternate IDs, tags (which I know only exist in LFT), navigation buttons to sources, notes, hashtags, events, etc.  In short, while I haven't played around enough with RM7 to know for sure, it appears to be a significantly slower data entry system that LFT--which would be a no go for me.  Your experiences/thoughts?


I have a few other things I wonder about -- the loss of tagging and hashtags, no linking to Find-a-Grave, etc., but these are things I'll explore more as I play with the application.  But if it takes me 3x longer to update an individual in RM7 than in LFT, it won't matter anyway.


Thanks in advance.