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Wish List - Alternate Names

20 September 2019 - 07:47 AM

It would be nice to have a visable option to search and/or input of multiple spellings of names, including:


First name,

Middle name(s),

Maiden Name,

Married last name(s).


For instance, let's say: Holli Ann Hoosier marries David Doyle, therefore her name would be Holli Ann Hoosier Doyle. John dies or they are divorced, and she marries Sam Stewart.  Her name would be Holli Ann Hoosier Doyle Stewart.  In searching for records, they names are listed as they are, errors and all.  So having the multiple names option would be a benefit while doing researching, and branching off trees, with step children as well.


Let's assume the last name Doyle was misspelled or spelled another way years ago. Dyal, Dial, or even Doil are alternate spellings, again having the option to see within the same record would make searching easier.  Just my 2 cents.