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Source and citations for places and place media

11 July 2019 - 08:27 PM

It does not appear that I can apply a source citation to "Place Note," "Place Media," "Place Detail Note," or "Place Detail Media."  I like to add descriptions and photos of the relevant places, but really do want to give credit to the source.

A set of features I'd like to see in an upcoming release

12 June 2019 - 10:47 PM

I have not seen a demonstration or a thorought description of RM8, but the following are some features I hope are included:


a.  Diacritical marks - I would like to see the names and indices sorted in a manner that ignores the diacritical marks, like accents, tildas, etc.  As it stands today, the sorting separates and treats as different letters in different alphabetic sequence.  An option in the program file to treat as separate letters or treat as one of the 26 English letters would be helpful.


b.  Spell check - I would like to see the ability to spell check citations, particularly the fields for source text, source comments, research notes and 9detail) comments.  The current spell check capability allows for spell check individual notes, family notes, and fact notes.


c.  Additional field in facts - I would like to see a field available for all facts that is like the "Description" field; potentially an "added Description"  This field (I'll call it [Desc2] because of its similarity to [Desc] could be used to address particular, common characteristics.  How it is used would be up to the user.  Conceptually, this is similar to how sources are created (where the user has a good deal of flexibility). 


d.  A SQL capability, or the ability to export a specific list.  For example, to be able to generate a filtered set of the "Place List."  The Search function gives a capability to find the items, but an abililty to print a list of the items would be helpful.


e.  Pictures and Notes in the Place Index - When printing a narrative report, we have the option of including an index of the places (with or without details).  The database allows the user to include notes and picture of a cited place, but there is not an output report that includes that.  Providing that as an option in the output format for the narrative (and other relevant reports) would be nice.