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Wall Chart - Common Parents across lineage

22 May 2019 - 08:27 AM



I am a new user of RootsMagic on the Mac platform. I have a question on wall charts. I have a situation where siblings appear on different branches of my family tree, and the fact that the ancestors of these siblings are not included for all siblings (and there is no indication of the common ancestors beyond the parents for these siblings).


For example ... In the tree, there are three siblings, that appear on different branches of the tree. One of the siblings has the immediate parents on the wall chart, a second sibling has no parents listed, and a third sibling is the only one that has the full ancestry - i.e., parents, grandparents, etc. (I tried to post images for what I mean, but was unable to). Is there a way I can have the full ancestry included for all 3 siblings?


I assume this is as per product design? Is there a method I coud use to include the full ancestry for all siblings? The full ancestry is provided in the pedigree chart, but I was hoping to also have it appear on the wall chart, particularly given that in early generations there are common ancestors, i.e., siblings that appear on my maternal grandfather's side, as well as my maternal grandfather's side, and I have since discovered a third sibling that appears on my husband's maternal grandmother's side.


Or maybe there is another way of showing shared ancestry on the wall chart that I am not aware of?


Please let me know.


If this is not the correct forum for my question, please let me know. 


Thank you.