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Generated reports not scaling properly

18 May 2019 - 02:09 PM

When I want to print a Pedigree Chart the Report Viewer shows the Pedigree Chart as a tiny chart in the upper left hand of the page, approximately one quarter of the normal size.  The Index of Names on the next page below does not have that problem, it is normal sized.


I have found that by changing my laptop/desktop Display Scale and layout to 100% I get a normal pedigree printout.  I keep my laptop scaling at 250%; if I were to go to 100% on my laptop I would not be able to read the extremely fine fonts.  This happens to both my laptop and desktop computers.


Are there any work arounds for this display scaling problem?


On my Legacy Genealogy program this is no issue, I can set my scaling to any size I want and Legacy remains normal. I prefer to use RootsMagic.


Thank you,

Hans van Olden