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Identifying Royalty Links and Removing Orphans

17 May 2019 - 04:43 AM



Two more newby questions on using RM7 (or other software) to test in a 5,000 person tree if any of the links are royals or nobles? I am happy to do the test using my GEDCOM


Secondly, I am coming to terms with all the orphans my search has created and is there an easy way (in RM7, ancestry.com or otherwise) to identify and delete them please?


Many thanks Tony


14 May 2019 - 10:25 AM

Hi All, I am new to RM, have a 4000 person tree in ancestry. Used TreeShare to link RM with ancestry so I understand the trees are in initial alignment


If i update ancestry then I can further sync to RM - seems logical


If I update RM (because I have lots of duplicates in ancestry) then I am not certain how i can then sync to ancestry - save RM tree and export GEDCOM and then import as another tree in ancestry (with all media etc)


Should I just update either RM or ancestry or is my logic incorrect please?


Last question if I may is there a tool or report in RM which tests the consistency of a tree IE person by person across each generation? (to highlight missing people / links)


Many thanks for your support Tony