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Searching for places

25 March 2020 - 08:18 AM

Im trying to find out the person associated with a specific place. The list place feature just lists the place not who is linked to that place. I know how to generate a custom report for specific facts like birth or burial to list the place. But I want to list everyone across all facts associated with a specific place.
My reason for this is a boneheaded error on my part. I mistakenly entered a date in the place field and didnt catch it till much later. So I have a place now listed as 10-1-1887. I cant see who this is attached too. I can delete the place from the place list but Id like to discover who this is attached to because Im pretty sure the date for the event is blank. If I knew who this was I could replace the date with the correct one.
Thanks in advance

Saving file in wrong location

14 May 2019 - 08:34 AM

Roots Magic is set to save my file on an external drive. Everything was working fine and I would periodically copy the .rmgc over to Dropbox as a backup. This morning I went to copy the file to Dropbox and realized the file on Dropbox had this mornings date modified and the file on the external was a few days older? I did not overwrite either file at this point. I thought the program would save the file to the folder you had selected in the tools>folder options? Seems to be saving to Dropbox instead