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In Topic: RM Chart Wall Chart Problems

30 August 2004 - 12:59 PM

It sounds like you may be a victum of lost pixels at the edges of each sheet, adding up to major image shift across many sheets, and of course garbled text at the edges. To make it worse, print preview, and 'show page boundaries' do not show this correctly.

If you get it to work right I think you will find that all that box moving isn't needed, since the text is not garbled. Much easier to just be careful trimming the paper where it runs through boxes !

THE FIX: Try, in page setup, making all four margin values 0.1". Below is a post I wrote a while ago to the RM email list:

Wall charts lose pixels at joins, about 1/20th inch.
But not always.....

The pixels are lost at the left and bottom margins. The ink on the paper does not go all the way to the printer's physical limit on those two edges. These limits on my HP 932 are 0.26" left and right, 0.1 top, and 0.5 bottom, by measurement on a printed picture.

Redoing this chart with 1 inch left and bottom margins seems to fix the vertical gaps (hard to measure), but did not change the horizontal gaps. BUT redoing with all four changed from 0 to 1 inch fixes both. Here's the odd part: changing all four to 0.1 inch ALSO fixes all, which you wouldn't expect, since these values are less than the printer requires.

Meanwhile, the print preview feature showed no problems with any combination of any margins.

Measuring the "ok" prints shows that the actual margins obtained are the sum of the requested margins and the printer's physical limit margins, which means that the default values of 0 inch should work fine. (And maybe they will with your printer/computer combination!)

I call it a bug, but one with an easy work-around: if you have missing pixels, enter some small value in the page setup for the margins.

Dave Babcock