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Sources cleaning

12 June 2019 - 06:24 AM



After importing a gedcom from myheritage, I have about 200 master sources (10k citations) which are websites of MyHeritage.

It is very annoying because when I want to cite a source, I have all those useless master sources to go through.

I would like to use MyHeritage master source and use the name of the website in reference / page number. The problem if I merge the sources is that I lose their content (I need to move part of the master text into reference or Research notes). 

That is why I use SQLite to change the sourceID 1,2,3,4,etc with 150 (the one of MyHeritage), put the website in reference, change quality, etc. Unfortunately, I can not find a way to update the details column, which is much more visual and is included in the footnote -> basically what we would enter manually in Source Details-Page Number on the first tab 'Citation'.


Do I miss something?

A platform to share queries - ask questions

19 May 2019 - 02:47 AM

I opened a gedcom from MyHeritage.com (+5000 people all imported from shared trees, no consistency and lot of mistakes).


I have spend quite some time on those forums to find what were the best practices, used in-build tools to clean duplicates, letters capitalisation, etc. but it quickly becomes necessary to download an SQL software such as SQLiteSpy to run queries on the entire database.


I found a few ones on SQLite tools for Rootsmagic (https://sqlite4roots...space/home.html), great to add weddings fact to all couples and had to spend like an hour per query to modify them. I wanted for example an alt Name (married) "Mrs. wife.firstname husband.lastname", a death fact to all person not living (who had no death fact), add a * to all suffix to identify they were imported from MyHeritage (unreliable), put about (abt) in front of all dates, remove all 'Y' in details, etc. 


I have poor knowledge of SQL (only through Microsoft Access but advanced in VBA), so this is only through testing simple modifications that I can  achieve what I want to so far. I am pretty sure a few people have already written those or some other people would be interested in mine. There seemed to be a wiki but links are broken.


I would love to have a querry group, like RootsMagic Wish List (or stack overflow), where we could share our queries and ask-answer rootsmagic-sql specific questions

Isolate proven and unproven facts

25 April 2019 - 01:38 AM



As I was adding sources, I have tried to put my facts and relationships as "proven" and "primary"...but certainly forgot many. 


Q1: Is there a way to "filter" the database, to see what it looks like if I take only my "proven tree" to check consistency and look at my "unproven tree" separately to prioritize my research? It would be so handful to have a specific color as they are proven.


To make things worse, I realise that exporting in Gedcom and importing in Family Historian get messy where I used some built-in source templates (free forms are fine). I therefore wish to replace them with free forms.


Q2: Is there a way to see all the facts that use a specific type of source? 


Thanks in advance for any help.

Sharing fact (automatisation?)

14 April 2019 - 06:20 AM



I share children's birth with their parents with sentences like 

<% his | her><%Person% son| daugter>, [Person], was born in  [Date:Year]

as well as children's death, parent's death, spouse death, parent's divorce, family residencies,... 


I basically like to have this chronology and it helps me identify missing facts but this is quite time consuming. Is there a way to share such fact automatically -> share all births with respective parents ?


Thanks in advance

How would you do it? (Starter)

13 April 2019 - 11:11 AM



My story: I have started genealogy as a hobby a couple of weeks ago, grew a tree of +-3500 people through Myheritage.com when I realised a lot of things went wrong, especially since it is based mostly on shared trees.

I am a Microsoft Excel specialist and quite a good user of Microsoft Access and was looking for something closer to them (Tables/List wit tools to spot inconsistencies) than what we find online. RM is above expectations on many sides (sources, follow up on research and possibilities to adapt most of the pre-built functions...most of all I spot really quickly if someone misses capital letters, a place is not entered the same way, etc.). So I start my database all over again, hopefully reliable and consistent, manually in RM but before I start filling it (I have about 70 living people so far), I look for the most efficient way to work.


What I try to get:


1.   See child birth in parents facts (and death if they are alive when it happens) as well as parents death in the children facts and spouse death in own facts.

   I played in a dummy database and sharing birth with a parents shows exactly what I am looking for but I am afraid that an export/manipulation/import in a few years could read those as multiple births for the person: I don't mind it does not appear in other softwares / sites but fear multiple entries in Gedcom manipulations. In addition, doing that manually is quite time consuming, is there a way to automate the sharing of the facts (if sharing is the solution) ?


2. Godfather / Godmother relationships

     Because many in my family have godparents without getting baptised and I like to see who is the Godparent of who, I created a Godfather and a Godmother fact (and role) that I share with the Godparent with a sentence for each.

[Person] is the godchild of [Godfather]


[ThisPerson] is the godfather of [Person]

Right method? Hopefully I will not have to change the method in 6 months because it creates an issue.


3. See full tree with siblings, second spouses, etc.


    I get used to navigate in family view but will look for an extra software that show full trees (no click to see second spouse ancestors). In my dream, I would even get a colored spot line for godparents.


4. Clearly see if people are dead


   It is strange that entering the parent of a dead person does not suppose them dead. I would rather click "Living" when they are alive as it will be a much smaller percentage of the tree. Any easy way to review who is dead or alive?


5. Have photo stored online

 I would like to save photos in https://imgbb.com/ and mention URL instead of file path to get links valid among sites, computers and softwares.


Please, answer with any recommendations (good habit, do's and don't, best practice,...) that could help any beginner