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In Topic: How to automatically add Death Facts to old people?

05 February 2020 - 10:16 AM

/* Event-Add_Death.sql
2013-01-16 Tom Holden ve3meo
Adds a dead event to all dead people lacking one.
Nor date, place, description or note is added.
    ,2 AS EventType
    ,0 AS OwnerType
    ,PersonID AS OwnerID
    ,0 AS FamilyID
    ,0 AS PlaceID
    ,0 AS SiteID
    ,'.' AS DATE
    ,9223372036854775807 AS SortDate
    ,0 AS IsPrimary
    ,0 AS IsPrivate
    ,0 AS Proof
    ,0 AS STATUS
    ,0 AS EditDate
    ,CAST('' AS BLOB) AS Sentence
    ,CAST('' AS BLOB) AS Details
    ,'' AS Note
FROM PersonTable
        -- Person without Dead Fact
        SELECT distinct PersonID AS PersonID FROM PersonTable WHERE Living = 0
except select OwnerID as PersonID from EventTable where EventType=2

I started from this query but added a death year with an 'about' and an * as a suffix. I know that anyone with * has unreliable dates (not proven) and I can therefore quickly know if a new person from another source could match an existing one.

In Topic: Alternate Surnames for Family

10 August 2019 - 03:54 PM

Apart from SQLite, I do not see a way to add a surname to multiple people. You can save your queries so a month later you can re-run them on the new people / groups.


I am 50% Arabic 50% Belgian and have Arabic, French, Dutch, English translations in my tree all over the place, with a lot of different spellings between generations. As a direct example, my Arabic great grand parents have only their name in Arabic since they never travelled abroad, my Arabic grand parents have their name in Arabic, French (since my father immigrated to Belgium) and English (one uncle immigrated to England) but I have my name in one spelling only (French translation of an Arabic name) since all my documents are with latin letters. To make things simple, my daughters have their name in Russian in their Russian passport and French in their Belgian. I work manually and not SQLite on this since I source all my spellings with the appropriate document.


If you add names with SQLite in NameTable, I think the NameType 7 is for spellings, 3 for Immigration and 5 for Married.

In Topic: Relationship editing

08 August 2019 - 10:13 AM

I change them to "partner" since I use a query to add married name to spouses.

In Topic: Changing Source Type

06 August 2019 - 06:49 AM

Going throug the citation table in SQLite and updating SourceID's is to me the only realistic way if you have hundreds of record to update. 

It was also approached here https://sqlitetoolsf...source-records/

In Topic: Centralizing Data files on the Cloud

04 August 2019 - 03:19 AM

I quit Onedrive when I realised it would take rarely used files from my hard disk (so only keep them in the cloud) to save me diskspace. Normally if I decide to save it on my hard disk too, it should just stay on my hard disk when synchronising, not just a shortcut.

I never had any conflict with SharePoint: I have my root folders for RM (Data, back up, Multimedia, Gedcom, Reports and SQL queries) that are synchronised on my local hard disks (2 laptops). I do not turnoff my connection when I work in RM (bad practice according to expert users) since I create a backup every time I close RM. The only thing I got from time to time is I can not close RM manually (have to go through task manager), it kind of 'freeze' especially if I live it open over the night. 

My connection is about 100mb/s so sync is completely invisible to my eyes and both my laptop are on SSD, much faster than HDD...I think those two factors are keys to success for 'live synchronisation'.