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27 January 2021 - 07:27 PM

As a person that has been FB for many years but rarely use it now and have been looking at closing my account, for I too find using FB for the preview very difficult. As others have stated FB is not organized and to find something takes time if you can find it. Time that could be spent testing, inputting data or many other things. Though I did not use this forum yet for I just had switched to RM in August it is a great resource to loose. The forums is one reason to use this program for there is help from someone. My vote is to keep a forum but not on FB.


Edit Jan 29/21

Here is a question for the forum moderators. If this is true what Renee posted http://forums.rootsmagic.com/index.php?/topic/19923-rootsmagic-8/    "The RootsMagic forums will be retired in the near future, due to no migration path to move forward and having become a security concern" I question the security of publishing a genealogy tree on my.RootsMagic.com. If the security is a concern for the forums which probably don't have any private information what is the security concern of publishing the a tree on my.rootsmagic.com?


I may have just switched to this program but have been working on Genealogy for 25 years. Started with FTM 4, Legacy 4 -7.5, BK 5.0 -7.0, AQ 15-16, and some others. I did not take changing to RM7.5 lightly but did testing and research on it. Now you claim to want to close these forums and move to FB. How organized is that? I have been trying to be a good beta tester for RM8 but there is no organization on the feed back or the bugs. Yes I have worked on being a beta tester on other programs and helped design a program where I worked, but this by far is the most disorganized that I have seen. Please change your thoughts on using FB for this and the beta testing. Being a senior in life and having many various life experiences, but I see the new RM policy of using FB is a step in the wrong direction. You are not helping people that are looking at leaving FB!


The other concern is FB can kick a person off the platform and then the said person no longer has access to RM discussion board. Is this really moving forward or backwards? But, I will say it is a good way to lose customers using FB as a discussion board, and maybe not your fault intentionally but blindly and willingly.