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In Topic: RM7 freezing when editing citations

23 March 2019 - 09:15 PM

I'm curious whether anyone else has encountered and resolved this issue?  I have experienced similar symptoms to those described by [boltongenes] recently, possibly only since updating to version   It only seems to occur when editing an existing citation. Sometimes it's only a visible disappearance of the cursor within an editable field, and the citation can be closed and re-opened and life continues.  Other times, the citation dialog box cannot be closed, and a software restart is required via ctrl-alt-del. 

I deleted and fully reinstalled RM7 from a fresh download of the installation package, and the behaviour persists.  I do not have webhints running; and all files are local to my machine without any external synch.

In Topic: RM7 corrupted citations data

22 March 2019 - 05:29 PM

Yes, that is correct, Tom.  Using Drag&Grop produced a useable result, with minor but undesired loss of some unlinked address, source and repository information - I would have been satisfied with that as the 95+% solution, and recovered the rest manually.


DeletePhantoms3, as-is, produced a good & slightly less aggressive result.  I then modified it to leave sources alone, and that coincidentally took care of the repositories. 


Either way, the possibility remains that (a) there is a data loss that I'm not yet aware of, and (B) the original cause of the corruption is persistant but hidden, and that it will be months before I discover it.  But, I've done my best to understand my data, the problem, and the solution, so what's to do?  Move on & enjoy genealogy rather than obsess about the tool.


I'm always happy to share ideas & solutions.


BTW, on the website (https://sqlitetoolsf...ransfer-losses/) you say, ... Better to add a regular “full” GEDCOM export to your routine to monitor for such corruption so that you can revert to a recent uncorrupted backup


Do I understand correctly: the purpose is not so much about having a backup in gedcom format, but rather to use the gedcom generation process as an integrity check? A crash indicates a problem. (Not all problems, I can say from recent experience - gedcom exported cleanly.)


And, since you sign as ve3meo, I'll say, 73 de vk3anl.

In Topic: RM7 corrupted citations data

22 March 2019 - 08:15 AM

Hi again Jerry & Tom,

Just to close this off, I've spent a day experimenting with the database in SQLite Spy, and have a final result using a slightly less aggessive modification to DeletePhantoms3.sql.  I could have settled for the drag&drop solution much earlier (as recommended by Tech Support), but woud not have learned so much that way, so I feel like I have had two wins, really.


I was also playing with ideas for testing integrity amd/or early detection of undesired changes in the database. I may not be able to prevent this happening but I don't want to ever again be at risk of losing months of work due to an undetected error, also contained in the backups.  A periodic check on various record counts via Files/Properties might have helped before.



Thanks again folks.

In Topic: RM7 corrupted citations data

19 March 2019 - 08:58 PM

Thanks Jerry & Tom.  I have submitted to Tech Support as suggested & will report back here.