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In Topic: Gedcom from FTM 2017 to RM7

06 March 2019 - 06:05 PM

Like that I can make a book for file that has over 5,000 people - FTM - seems that this size file is too large.  Still works with files with less people.


Not impressed with the "namefind" -  need to type the whole surname, in separate window, and not connected to index, while FTM the Index (of names) moves with each letter typed - therefore no need to type the whole surname, then scroll to name wanted.


I use the Index of names the most.  I would like it to be "in my face".  It is there, but scrolling isn't my cup of tea with 5,000 names.  


I realize that is not much, but I just started yesterday with this software and I must give it more of a chance.  Had used FTM for almost 20 years.  (Old dog - new tricks syndrome!)

In Topic: Gedcom from FTM 2017 to RM7

06 March 2019 - 05:21 PM

Redid what I had done earlier and "cause of Death" was, indeed, in the "description" of the death fact so description field was not disabled.  BUT it therefore overwrote what info I had written in that box.


Either way I NEED a separate fact for "Cause of Death" until I can edit. So will continue with scenario I had described earlier.


I am unsure whether it was a custom fact or not. 


I am just starting with this software and already missing some quirks from FTM.

In Topic: Gedcom from FTM 2017 to RM7

06 March 2019 - 02:45 PM

Bottom line - I need to manually enter!!!



Backed up my file

I went into my FTM file

Added a new fact labeled "Death Cause"

In the "Cause of Death" fact options - I selected change selected fact to this fact type > to "Death Cause"

made a Gedcom

Opened Gedcom in RM7

Lo & behold - Death Cause is there

Then edited name back to Cause of death


It seemed to work.


As I go along I will put cause of death in "Death" description