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Default Place Format

18 January 2020 - 06:26 PM

I'm wondering if there is any setting in RM7 where I can set the defaults (or preferred format) for a country.  I want to display USA rather than United States or United States of America (or U.S.A. for that matter) - likewise no United Kingdom but rather only England. Scotland, and Wales.  I'm not concerned about officially official names for countries so prefer USA because it is shorter to type, and United Kingdom doesn't add any more information than England,Scotland, or Wales on their own.


I can't for the life of me find any settings for this and rip my hair out when Place Clean insists on replacing USA with United States.  The actual Places Clean tool is so un-intuitive as to prompt grievous bodily harm. Take these selections offered:


Note: I would have included a snapshot image of the specific section of the Place Clean popup but I have wasted too much time trying to figure out how to do so on this Forum software that it is time for dinner and I give up ...


What the heck does "Do nothing" really mean in the context of Add or Remove? And what the bleep is "<brackets>"? I assume it is a variable but where do I provide the value I want to use for <brackets>? Obviously I would like to have <brackets>="United States" and Replace With = "USA".  And do these two options work together?  Does <brackets> = the value of Country in the Add/Remove/Do Nothing option?  So would I actually set it up as Remove Country "United States" and Replace <brackets>:USA?  I'm all for experimenting to see what happens but am asking before I inflict damage upon my database.


The Help offerings are spectacularly UnHelpful.



TreeShare from RM to Ancestry

27 August 2019 - 11:15 AM

Is there any way to "disable" TreeShare from the RM to Ancestry direction?  I have quite a bit of information in RM that I would never upload to Ancestry - ranging from people to various private facts about people.  I use Ancestry as a research tool and primarily want to use TreeShare to download information to RM and not to upload information to Ancestry.


Every time I run TreeShare it includes all this RM information that I don't want to upload to Ancestry and I can't find any way to mark these people as Not Changed to exclude them from the TreeShare routines.  This clutters up the TreeShare interface and makes the update process pretty tedious - especially after the People column is filled with People I will never upload to Ancestry - and then I have to start using the scroll or a letter key to quickly get down to the next person to update from Ancestry to RM.


Any tips or suggestions?  I would love a switch or option to turn off the RM to Ancestry direction - or at least a method to always exempt certain people from TreeShare.