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Freezing during uplaod

17 February 2019 - 04:22 PM

I have a rather large family tree on Family Search.  I have been diligently trying to get my information from family search uploaded to Roots magic.  so I have a safe copy of my own files and family.  I had previously had it on PAF,  but have added a good amount just to family search/Family tree.  I am getting frustrated with people changing my info, want my own copy.  As I try to upload, the first time I got to somewhere around 6,000 people and it froze, I have been able to get about 50,000 people after 7 days and then it freezes.  I have tried just doing my first 5 or 6 generations and going off of that, still freezing!  WHen I do that though, I want to make sure I am getting all of the lines I have found, so If I go back 6 generations then try to upload more, to get cousins and things, without a ton of duplication?

This program is not as intuitive or user friendly as I thought it would be.