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In Topic: Release Date for RM8

15 March 2019 - 04:42 PM

My criteria for judging good software - of any persuasion -  is and always has been:

  • Does it work and do I like it?
  • Does it meet my needs?
  • Is it being (over time) constantly improved?
  • Is it reasonably priced?


For my genealogy needs, RM meets my criteria for good software.


Elder Geek

In Topic: Placement of Data from Ancestry in RootsMagic

15 February 2019 - 06:29 PM



I agree...have to make a choice.  Today...may change tomorrow, I am bringing them in automatically from RM.  The file names are meaningless, but after some thought, I came to the conclusion...so what.  They are linked to the right person in my tree and I can name them individually once they are in the media folder with the [Properties] button.  If I ever want to get that piece of data and send it to someone or use it myself, in the media page to the right is a path to the file and the 'meaningless' file name.  I copy the 'meaningless' file name from the media page, open the media folder and paste the name in search.  Quick and easy.... 


The only other way - other than manually - is for RM to ask me for a file name just before they download it into the media folder.  That way, the name is usable in the media folder and in the media page.


Thanks for the suggestions...



In Topic: Placement of Data from Ancestry in RootsMagic

15 February 2019 - 04:06 PM



Thanks...that is what I thought, but I hoped I could change it.  I understand what I am doing now, but before that, I would rename the files to a name that meant something.  Then, of course, I got a broken link.  Then I would delete the broken link, bring the named record back into the person's media file.  Very dumb move.  For reasons I will not go into, I change the name of the tree in Ancestry.  Another very dumb move.  I quit changing the file names, but now get broken links because RM is putting the new files in the new media folder it created and RM is looking in the old folder for the new data.  I will have to struggle through with two media folders.  If I point RM to one, I get broken links and if I point RM to the other media folder - I get broken links.  I know of nothing to do - however, if you have a better solution...?


Thanks again for the quick response.