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MyRootsMagic Online images not displaying, Pedigree charts not working

16 January 2019 - 12:03 PM

I recently uploaded my family tree to MyRootsMagic Online, intending to send it to family members. I had to compress the photos in order to fit it within my 200MB limit. The photos are all attached correctly in the RootsMagic database but they do not appear on anybody's profile on MyRootsMagic Online, although they DO appear in the media gallery for some reason.
Also, very few people's Pedigree charts actually work properly. For most people in the tree, it only shows the person who's Pedigree Chart is being viewed, but does not show any of their ancestors.
Perhaps this is something that will fix itself if I give the site a bit longer to settle in, maybe it needs to render? Or maybe my family tree is too large for it to handle?
Thanks in advance for any help,