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In Topic: Ancestry.com and sources

20 January 2019 - 03:22 PM

Well, this is my current plan.  One of my issues is that I have data in my Rootsmagic database from way before online census records were a thing and the records that I have are potentially error prone and obsolete now.  They're also recorded as facts rather than residence sources.   I'm systematically wiping any traces of them from Ancestry in favor of links to their census images.   There are approximately 2300 records with this issue.  I'm also adding some other Ancestry data if available and deleting non-ancestry records where it's redundant.   I'll then archive my current Rootsmagic database, unlink it from Ancestry, and let Ancestry populate a completely new Rootsmagic database.   This will get Ancestry and Rootsmagic in sync again.  If I lose something critical, I still have the Rootsmagic archive.  I'm looking at Rootsmagic as more of a backup of the Ancestry database with better tools/reporting but will just do the changes on Ancestry so it will always be a one-way sync back to Rootsmagic.   If I part ways with Ancestry in the future, I still have a complete copy of everything that's been done in Rootsmagic.

In Topic: Ancestry.com and sources

13 January 2019 - 06:12 PM

Doesn't the Treeshare download require you to add each and every person -- ie 20K in this case

In Topic: Ancestry.com and sources

13 January 2019 - 12:24 AM

My Rootsmagic database is horribly out of sync with what's in Ancestry at the moment. I've got between 600-700 people with changes according to the TreeShare sync.  Each person probably averages between 5-10 entries that need updating.  It's basically a terrible chore that I dread doing.   I suspect that 90+% of the changes are from Ancestry.   Is there anyway of just grabbing everything from Ancestry with the clicking?    If I were to backup my existing database and create a new one and attach it to Ancestry, all of my data would come over for a person but that still means clicking on every individual telling Rootsmagic to add it.   In my case, that's about 20K people which is more of a chore than the existing sync.   Is there any way to tell Rootsmagic to just accept everything without all of the clicking?

In Topic: FSFT import

04 January 2019 - 06:13 PM

Followup question would be -- how can I grab information from FSFT and import into Rootsmagic without creating duplicates?   The only imports that I've done into Rootsmagic have been into completely new databases so duplicates were not a concern.     If I grab X number of generations back and create a database and then go to a couple generations up to an individual and grab descendants, can I do so without duplicating the people that were grabbed as direct ancestors?

In Topic: FSFT import

04 January 2019 - 05:46 PM

That explains it.  I was hoping to be able to go down a couple generations at each level.