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In Topic: Any news on RM 8 complete rewrite?

02 January 2019 - 01:42 PM

On 29 December 2018, I was recommending and helping a friend put RM7 on her machine.  She paid for the product (download only) and received her order number and key code.  When we tried to download RM onto her machine we were told that she had to wait for RM8 to be released, and was not given access to the full RM7 which she had purchased.  Clearly, there is a problem here!  She is now working with Essentials with NO news of when her order will be fulfilled by RootsMagic.  Should I now recommend to my Workshop of genealogy beginners that RootsMagic is currently in limbo and unable to satisfy them with even the existing product, which could later be updated when the RM8 release arrives - whenever?

Since I have recommended RM to over 200 of my students, I am concerned that this corporate behaviour is quite unacceptable for a firm that heretofore has had a good reputation.

Best for 2019.

David Hemmings. hemmingsdd@gmail.com

In Topic: Purchasing RootsMagic 7

01 January 2019 - 10:39 PM

Should have said...does NOT honor the purchase...