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In Topic: Event order in Narrative Descendants Report

23 December 2018 - 10:53 PM

Jerry, thanks for your response. I had no problem with the sharing working and producing a result that was at least marginally acceptable.


It was the effort involved with setting up the sharing, and the thought of having to repeat this effort from scratch for a couple of hundred marriages, that brought me to my knees. Prehaps I completely messed up, but the work needed to share a fact seemed incredible to me. And the fact that I had to start from scratch with every marriage .... And for no reason. Making sharing easy, and setting up up so it can be repeated is not that hard. This may have been my fault, but I did not see an easy way.


A complete aside: You made a remark in a different post that writing a narrative from a list of ill defined facts is a nontrivial problem. True. It is conceptually hard, but it dawned on me that it is a translation problem. It is amenable to large samples and machine learning. If the Google decided it was worth the money, and they ordered the Google translate team to tackle it, an acceptable product would be produced in short order.  Hopefully, this ability will migrate downward to us mere mortals, and someone will assign it as a sophomore project in a programming class. :)


Thanks for your efforts. Have a good solstice season.

In Topic: Event order in Narrative Descendants Report

21 December 2018 - 02:53 PM

Jerry, thanks for your suggestion. I appreciate it.


It worked in placing the marriage where I wanted it, but it also left the marriage where I did not want it. I could deal with that. The thing that gave me pause was that sharing a fact was quite labor intensive.


Perhaps I missed the obvious, but to share a fact I was faced with a choice of (i) a very cumbersome search for surname, given name, or (ii) scrolling down through a list of around 6000 names. The thought of doing this for hundreds of marriages made me start looking for other possible solutions.


Don't mean to mention any forbidden words, but Family Historian 6 produced a workable report straight from the box. Not the format I might choose for myself. But it is pretty readable, and I think can be massaged into shape using Word.  I have a few tens of hours into RM over a month of use, not to mention the $30 or whatever it was, and I never managed to get to this point.


Since my basic information in on Ancestry, it makes sense to use Roots Magic to export the media files, but at this point it appears I will likely use FH to do the reports. I sure it will prove to have its share of frustrations, but at least for me at this time it seems workable.


Thanks again for the help. RM has a great forum.

In Topic: Preparing an RM Descendant Narrative Report for a Family Reunion for This Year

14 December 2018 - 11:19 PM

Thank you very much for this post. I am a new RM user, and my primary purpose is to generate descendant reports. So far, I have found RM to be a bit frustrating. Your format is much better than the first cuts with RM defaults. Thanks for sharing and giving me a point of departure for creating something that suits me.