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Datafield (Prooven) selectable and printable

03 November 2018 - 04:48 PM

Please consider using the Proven / Disproven field when filtering for records.  I would like to see the status of records/sources on reports so I know where to clean or substantiate records. It would also be helpful if you would show the proven marker on the main screen when looking at family on the pedigree / family / or descendant view.  Currently I color in red any ubsubstiancated family members while I search for proof.  These members may be incorrect, and need to be highlighted and awaiting action.  The color coding of individuals should be for more clearly defining the Maternal Paternal relationships.  Proof is what we are all trying to document, and I see now way to show proof with current documentation/reporting.


If I could search for unproven or proven records, than I can work on clearing those records.  Seeing proven relatives vs best guess relatives on the pedigree view also helps me prioritize what needs to be worked on.  a check box for proven on the pedigree view as with your lightbulb indicator would be most beneficial.

Narrative report that emphasizes BOLD the pathway to ancestor / descendent selected

03 November 2018 - 04:34 PM

Please consider usage of the beginning ancestor and last ancestor selector when printing reports.  I would like to emphasize (Embolden) any report to show the relationship of the selected Ancestor and descendant. While sharing reports with others, they may not know who is their direct relation in a family grouping.  Highlighting ones name (or something in the path of Ancestor / descendant) will show a direct path amongst what is sometimes a huge group of children.