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RM8 and Linux Wine/Crossover

14 August 2019 - 05:07 PM

Wish: I would like RM8 to work on a Linux OS using Wine or Crossover.


I know officially RootsMagic does not support Linux or Wine/Crossover, but if you could please provide some indication (even an educated guess) if the new RM8 rewrite & implementation is likely work with Linux & Wine/Crossover, or if its already known that Wine will have issues?


My concern is the (hopefully) soon to be released RM8 is a complete rewrite, RM8 is being designed for Win10, and RM8 does not need to support the soon to be obsolete Win7 I am currently using with RM7.


Why? In Jan 2020 Microsoft will discontinue support for Win7, afterwards it's a security risk; so I am currently analyzing my existing computer network, hardware and all software applications with respect to both my personal & professional computing needs, then develop a transition plan and implement it before Jan 2020. For various reason I am doing everything I can to avoid using Win10, and minimize buying new hardware. I have used both Windows & Linux for years, however, I have not used Wine or Crossover. Ideally I would like to go ALL Linux.

Thanks, John