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Access violation at address "0040934c"

23 October 2018 - 04:21 PM

I am just starting out with RM7, but have hit an early snag.  Whenever I run a database compare with my modest tree of around 800 individuals and associated families, it stops before completing with an Access Violation error.


The tree was created as a GEDCOM import from Family Historian.  I have run all four database tools, and no errors were reported.  To familiarise myself with how the compare function worked, I copied the database file and made a couple of minor changes to one copy.  If I try the same on a trivial three person tree entered from scratch, it works fine, so it is related somehow to the data file.


Exactly the same on two different Windows 10 PCs (version 1803, 4GB/8GB RAM, both Intel i5 based).  I even tried installing the program on an old XP system, and saw exactly the same problem.


If I can't sort this, it will be a showstopper, so any ideas please..?