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Sentence Templates for Citation Manager Research Notes

01 October 2018 - 04:15 PM

Hello. My name is Neil and I have learned a lot on this forum in the last few years. I have been unable to find a topic which addresses my following need.

I have Research Notes that I regularly add to each Fact Citation Research Note. For example:


Birth Fact Source Citation: I add "Birth was registered by John's mother, Jane."

Marriage Fact Source Citation: I add "Marriage performed by Rev. John Maloney, C.C., and witnessed by Catherine, John's sister, and Bob Doe."

Death Fact Source Citation: I add "Death was registered by John's Father, William."


These notes appear at the end of each full footnote.


I would like to 1) speed up the process for entering theses notes, and 2) avoid inconsistencies in how I enter them (for example, sometimes I reverse the marriage note by stating the witness first, or typing some other small inconsistency. My current process is to copy and paste the sentence from one person's fact into another person's fact and then replace the person specific information. A much better method for me would to use templates.


For example, Marriage Fact Research Note Sentence Template: Marriage performed by [MarriageCelebrant], and witnessed by [Witness1] and [Witness2].


I know I can just create the template within the Source Footnote Template itself ,as an extra sentence at the end. Is that the best way to handle it? My concern is that if it is done this way and not in the Research Notes section, then I cannot edit it or delete it if I want to, for a particular person. Is it possible to have a customize Sentence ability in the Master Text Source Text, Master Text Source Comments, Detail Text Research Notes and Detail Text Comments?


Note: I am an extreme Lumper. For example, I have one source for all England Births, Marriages and Deaths. I then add the following details:


England, [VitalRecType] Registration, [Person], [EventVerb] [EventDate]; registered [RegDate], ([RegQuarter] quarter [RegYear]), [CreatorRegDist] District, vol. [SpecificVol], p. [Page], entry no. [EntryNo], [Subdistrict] Sub-district, [County] County; General Register Office, Southport.


Thank you. - Neil