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Wish List Items

24 January 2019 - 09:54 PM

I am probably one of the many people now and in the future who have had their tree on Ancestry, either exclusively or as their 'research tree' who are now looking to use 'desktop' software to try and clean-up their trees. So my wish list items are coming from that background [a tree on Ancestry that was 'shared' to RM, media and everything].



  • Would like an Auto-Merge feature in the Media Gallery

  • Would like a manual Merge feature in the Media Gallery

  • Would like a way to select more than one item at a time for removal [this also applies to the Place List and several other aspects of RM].

  • Would like a way to know how many media items I have in RM [none of the screens or reports give me that number].

  • Would like a way to print a simple list of media items, by file name [not the current way of listing by person].

  • There needs to be a more efficient way to rename media items.


Sources: there is a lack of tools to help clean up sources such as:

  • Would like to be able to merge repositories [I had 3 that were basically the same thing - my files]

  • Would like to be able to delete all sources at once OR choose more than 1 at a time to delete [basically a "do-over"].

  • Would like to be able to print a list of sources by any number of parameters [by repository, by person, etc.]


  • Need to be able to merge duplicate facts [I have a feeling this is mostly related to residence facts because of the way Ancestry does their hints with census returns].

  • OR a way to select more than one fact at a time to delete all duplicates.


As I mentioned, much of the "clean-up" needs to be done because of the way Ancestry does things, but RM is lacking to tools to be able to do this in an efficient manner.  I'm almost to the point of doing a complete "do-over" and building a tree from scratch and using my existing tree as a 'check-list' of people and reference.

Struggling with Database Clean-up

15 January 2019 - 07:57 PM

So, I've made a mess of things by keeping my tree on Ancestry for so long [well, not entirely my fault, Ancestry shares in the blame].  I purchased RM about 9-10 months ago to get back to doing things the 'right way'. However, I am running into several issues and I don't know if RM doesn't have that feature/function or if I'm missing something.


Here goes:


1. Ancestry has multiple facts listed for each person [mostly census records]. Is there a way to merge duplicate facts? If not, is there a way to delete more than one fact at a time [to delete duplicate facts for each person in my database one at a time would probably cause me to just start a database from scratch].  The facts are also tagged twice in the media file [again, mostly the census media items].


2. I apparently started out sourcing properly at one time, but then 'fell off the wagon' and In my database I have several repositories that are essentially the same from the completely unhelpful "Have a copy" to "My Files" to a proper "McKay Research Files".  Is there any way to merge them?  Or can I print all the sources that have "have a copy" so that I can change the repository to the proper one and then delete the horribly named one?


3. Media files - I know, I know so frustrating.  My issue [aside from having to rename over 800 files] is that almost all of them have a duplicate!  Is there a way [either in the master Media Gallery or the person's media gallery] to merge or delete duplicates?


I had some other questions, but they basically revolve around the need to have a merge tool where there isn't one or a multiple selection tool for deleting [on windows a Ctrl+click to select several things to delete at once].


I do have screenshots of my issues, but couldn't figure out how to attach them to this post.  If none of this is possible and it all needs to go to the wish-list area, just let me know :)  


Thanks in advance for any assistance,




P.S. if anyone knows of a service that I can pay for where they will clean up my database and sources, I'd like that information as well LOL!  ;)


Select All or other selection options

25 September 2018 - 06:37 PM

I'm a new user of RM [but not new to genealogy or software programs] and trying to clean up my main tree [that I had to unfortunately download from Ancestry].


I have many, many, unused place names. Having to delete them individually is very time consuming.  A button to 'Select All' or the option to hold the shift button and click multiple places at once to delete would be helpful.


I would also like to be able to select more than one 'orphan' [someone not connected to anyone else] to delete them all at once.


Thank you!!


Loving the program so far,