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In Topic: Struggling with Database Clean-up

16 January 2019 - 07:08 PM

Thanks for all the feedback, this is what I was afraid of.


I have run all the auto-merge functions I could find and did many more manual merge's where available [and/or not caught by the auto-merge].


I wish Ancestry had some more functions [like finding unattached trees] so I could delete those folks. I only have 2 trees in Ancestry - one maternal and one paternal, so deciding which to use isn't necessary.  I really want to avoid pulling my trees off of Ancestry and uploading a new corrected one [just out of the absolute dread of all those stupid hints!].


Tom, I like your idea of a 'tree consultant' I think I've seen that option on Genealogy Coach [which I've used before].  I might start with the media for sources and get those renamed and fixed [deleting the duplicates] so that I and my consultant know what I actually have  :blink:


Again, thanks for all the responses!!



In Topic: Renaming scanned files or not?

15 January 2019 - 07:13 PM

A quick visual on this below which might help, it does contain renaming;




OMG! Thank you for the video!!!! I could not figure out what I was missing when renaming a media item.  Now I know!  Been stuck on this for several days!  [BTW, love the accent!].