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Color code reminder maybe a dashboard pane

26 October 2018 - 01:52 AM

I presently keep a little post-it or sticky note on my desktop to remind me of my use of color codes, it seems obvious to me this should be achieved within Rootsmagic somehow.


There are many possible solutions but a very simple one which would also cover other file needs would be a notepad section on a home page or dashboard where a file could carry notes. I also keep to-do items to track status of file cleaning progress so I can return where I left especially if I am away from Rootsmagic for some time, a little dashboard notepad section could also help with that.


So I guess this is probably more a wish for a dashboard which could also include various things needing resolved and links to the utilities to work these down.


PLACECLEAN add Country not working

07 October 2018 - 06:07 AM

This seems broken, I have read the help file and it is not specific, I can only judge by the fact it is not giving me a list of places without a country to choose from with only a list of about 10% of the eligible entries being presented.


I can't get PLACECLEAN to add a Country as I would expect. As my research goes international I understandably I want to have countries on all my places. I would have expected a FULL list of all Places without a recognizable Country presented where I could select the ones I want updated with the new country value.


I have many entries without an eligible Country in the place but rootsmagic does not present these for updating.