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People associated with place

27 July 2018 - 06:17 PM

Is there a way in RM to see all the people associated with a place?

Evaluating using free version - feature not reviewable?

26 July 2018 - 09:12 PM

I'm new to Rootsmagic but have been using Ancestry for several years and have a large database there (just over 16,000 people at the moment). I'm evaluating other software, including Rootsmagic and Gramps. Gramps has a lot of features I really like, but Rootsmagic supposedly has the feature where nearly everything can be downloaded from Ancestry.com. I've tried that, and either there's a show-stopper issue, or else the item being downloaded is something that I can't find how to verify or is unavailable in the free version.


Looking through the FAQ it seems that my issue may be related to URLs in sources. Most of my sources that I'm interested in are created this way:


I edit a person in Ancestry, add the facts, then click Add Source. On the source screen, I add Detail and Web Address (which is usually a link on Norway's digital archive), then check all the relevant facts the source pertains to. I used to add Source (the #1 item), but I'd rather have the detail information display on screen when displaying the person, and that happens only if source is left blank, so that's what I do now.


Anyway, reading through the FAQ, if I'm following correctly, this sort of source gets imported into RootsMagic as a web tag. But how can I tell whether this actually happened? If export a GEDcom file from RootsMagic, these sources do not appear to be in the file. Also, I don't see a way to display them. Googling, I see information that they are available on the edit screen, which is only available in the paid version. If that's the only way to verify this data, then there's no way for me to evaluate the software without paying for it. Or is there a trial version as well as the paid version, perhaps time-limited?