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Easier same source entering on a record.

11 July 2018 - 10:32 AM

Just a suggestion for the programming Gods to work on.  I would love to see an easier way to enter the same source to multiple facts when working on a person.  I realize that you would not want to automatically add a memorized source to a fact, but it is really labor intensive to click on the source column and adding the source when you are adding multiple facts at the same time.  Specifically when adding a person with more than just one or two facts. 


How about something such as the ability to select the multiple facts on a record that you want sourced with the same source, then selecting the source you want and/or using the memorized source? This way a person would know what they are adding the source to, and the program would not automatically add to the record when a person "forgets" that it is automatically adding an incorrect source when they change the records they are working on.


Thanks for listening