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creating a new file - hx about myself, person or a group?

09 July 2018 - 03:44 PM

I need a little help. I have just downloaded PH3. I have watched all of the videos. Although they are very helpful, I am still not sure if I should choose the topic that the history is about a "person" or a "group".


My goal is to create a family history including stories about ancestors of my surname, my maternal surnames and and the surnames of my wife tree. I know that the "categories" I choose for the files will be the name of the chapters when I go to publish in the PH3 program. I intend to use the various surnames in my family tree as categories so that each chapter will include all  the stories about ancestors of that surname.


My question is if this is the best way to accomplish what I am trying to do or if I should choose "group" rather than a "person"  as the Topic title. When to use of the "group" topic title is not described in the videos.

Thanks for any thoughts anyone may have.