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Issues importing from Ancestry

02 July 2018 - 09:16 PM

All, I'm new to RootsMagic, but have been a member on Ancestry.com for years.  I just bought a new laptop and RM7 and tried importing my trees from Ancestry. 


However, my primary tree, which has over 10k people is giving me issues:


1) A majority of my people show on my list anywhere from 2-6 entries (possibly more).  When opening them, there appears to be no difference in information.  

2) Many of the women in my tree will show up both under their maiden name and their married name.

3) None, and I mean none, of the media I have attached on Ancestry, will show in RM.  It recognizes there is some sort of attachment, but all I get is a square with a red "x" in the lower right corner.  This goes for all media: photos, headstones, screenshots, all of them.


However, with my smaller trees, neither have issues 1 or 2, but 1 does seem to have imported the media, and the other did not.  I have tried redownloading, deleting, and downloading yet again, but cannot get these issues cleared up.


Here's the weird thing.  If I go back to manage my trees on Ancestry, it gives me the option to export the tree that I was able to get all of the media to download from.  The other 2 are saying "Download you GEDCOM", almost like they are still waiting to be downloaded, and the other already has been.


Does anyone have any idea of what I must be missing?