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To Do List and Research Manager - show who it is for

26 May 2019 - 11:58 PM

On both To Do List and Research Manager main screens add an extra column showing the "For" person name and RIN or the family against person and family tasks.

Otherwise you have to step through each item to see who it is for.

Edit Source - Loses formatting in Source Text.

01 January 2019 - 02:44 AM

I have many sources that are taken from FindMyPast and the transcript records saved as RTF files and these contain tables. 
I then create a source for each of these and in the Source Text I can open and import my RTF file. I do this and it looks great with nicely laid out tables.
However as soon as I save it and come back and open it to edit again all my lovely formatting is lost and the table just becomes one long line of text all run together.
It remains lost when I print a source report and just looks a mess.
Please can this be fixed or how can I keep my formatting?
I haven't tried it in other fields (Detail Text etc.) but assume it is the same.
Also I'd like the secondary repository shown below the primary one on the citation screen right hand column. It shows on the report but not the source editing screen.
I tried saving my file as a web page (.htm) but this just imported with all the markup and was a bigger mess!

RM "stuck" when no internet and webhints switched on

09 August 2018 - 11:51 PM

When I am away from the internet (often) and web hints are still switched on, opening a RM database causes the program to keep re-trying to connect to the internet (cannot connect to Ancestry message) and does not give the option of switching off web hints or not connecting to internet.


Even if I immediately go Tools, File Options and turn off web hints, it carries on trying to connect (probably once per person in my database) and locks up doing that so I can't just ignore it.


The only way out is to terminate RM using Windows Task Manager.


Once I've managed to turn off the web hints and killed the RM task, I can restart it and work OK as it has then read that web hints are not required.


If I remember to un-tick the web hints box in the File Options before I go off internet, I don't have a problem. I don't have to sign out of Ancestry, just un-tick the one box.


Please fix RM to stop trying to connect to internet unless we tell it to carry on trying and please include a "Don't re-try" option in that error box.

Places and Dates in Source Templates

29 July 2018 - 02:13 AM

I have just started playing with user defined templates and have created my own Parish records source template which includes fields for Church, Parish and Event Date defined as follows (taken from template export):


      <Hint>Name of church</Hint>
      <Display>Entry Date</Display>
      <LongHint>Date of Event</LongHint>


(I'm a lumper hence in source detail not source)


When I used the source template to create a new source and enter the fields, I was very disappointed to find that the place type field was just treated as text and did not work in the same way as the place field when entering a fact, giving me a drop-down list of matching places from my place list.

Also there is no place details field type which I would like for the church name and also to work the same as place detail in the fact entry.

All the entries are already in my main place table e.g. Place: London, England, United Kingdom. Place Detail: St. John, Smith Square. so having to re-type in full every time I use that source template is not only a pain but leads to errors and duplications.


Also I entered the date in 24/12/1900 format and it converted (in the entry field) to 24 December 1900 rather than my default format of 24 Dec 1900. At least it did convert though so it is recognising it as date not text.


Am I doing something wrong in my template setup or is it something for the changes for next version list??