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Compare files doesn't work

26 August 2018 - 03:49 PM

I've seen other people discuss similar problems, but don't want to hijack someone else's topic.


As a test, I made a copy of my file. As in, using File Explorer, I copied and pasted so there were two identical files. I ran it through another program to confirm that the two files were bit-for-bit identical.


Then I opened one in RootsMagic, selected compare files, didn't change anything, selected the identical file, and RM found hundreds of people who it thinks are 96-99% matches. Skimming the many individuals, one problem is it will see relatives (spouses, children) in a different order and flag that. But I didn't change any settings between opening the first file and comparing it to the second.


How can I trust comparisons for purposes of merging, or for looking for changes between two versions of a file (yesterday's vs today's, for example), when I know the program finds differences between identical files? Is this even on RootMagic's radar as a bug, or is it something we just have to live with? Or is there a trick to making it work (as in, not find differences where there aren't any) that I'm not aware of?