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Edit Gazetteer: Feature Request?

10 June 2018 - 09:33 PM



I'm new to Rootmagic, I've used pretty complicated pieces of software before, like "Ultimate Family Tree" and "Master Genealogist".  Both have been discontinued.  So I've decided to use Rootsmagic, hoping that it is more mainstream, and less likely to get discontinued.  


One issue that I have with Rootsmagic is with the Gazetteer.  I like the ability to "quick pick" a location, however the locations that I pick aren't in the local language, or in English.  So the picklist isn't helpful for a lot of the places that I search.  I also only reference places by their historical name, not their current name.  So again, the Gazetteer doesn't help  


So, I would like to be able to add my own locations into the Gazetteer.  I don't care about the "places list", because the data in the "places list" isn't offered as an option when you click on the search button in the Place field.  Maybe I'm doing something wrong?