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Is there a dedicated area to ask MyRootsMagic (publish online) questions ?

14 April 2018 - 05:36 AM

Good morning all,


Is there a dedicated area to ask MyRootsMagic (publish online) questions ?





Several MyRootsMagic questions

14 April 2018 - 05:02 AM

Good morning all,


I am new around here and browsed around using the search engien for about an hr. But did not find an answer to my question.


Since a couple of months have been working on my tree using Ancestry.com


Last couple of days I looked into getting the data online so family members , or actually any one with an interest in my family tree, can see the data online without subscribing to the Ancestry website.


Since I like what Rootsmagic does I bought the Version 7 , downloaded my Ancestry tree (uing the Treeshare option) and uploaded it to sites-rootsmagic- com (using the Myrootsmagic option).


The first test is located overhere: http://sites.rootsma...-tree/index.php


Regarding the online result I have several questions. Hopefully one of you can help me out.



A)  Pedigree View - no pedigree

In the Pedigree View I see only one person at a time. I seem unable to get a result like this on the sample site: http://sites.rootsma...le/pedigree.php

Even for my self the Pedigree can not be shown


B)  Introduction Page Photo - how to include

Where / how do I select / define the photo visible in the introduction ? As can bee see here on the sample site: http://sites.rootsma...ample/index.php


C)  Color Coding Male & Female - how to

How do I give male and females a different color ?


D) Media Gallery - no large version

Some images open to full size when clicking on them but other stay at thumbnail size

As can be seen in this screenshot: https://postimg.cc/image/fabskjn23/


E) Media gallery - no buttons

My media gallery does not have the "image" and "list" buttons although the sample gallery does have them, as can be seen overhere: http://sites.rootsma...ple/gallery.php


Any suggestions what the solution for the above issues could be ?


Thanks in advance for your help