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Next major (not just fixes) RM update ?!

24 April 2018 - 12:58 AM

When can we expect the next major (not just fixes) RM update ?


Any Scuttlebut on the release date and what new features & options might be included ?

My Roots Magic Publishing Feature wish list

24 April 2018 - 12:54 AM

Good day all,


RM has a nice thing going on with this publishing online feature. Other programs do not have this option combined with Ancestry support. But it seems the feature is abandoned & ignored by the RM development team. At the moment it the Publish Online is too basic and forces people who need this feature to move away from RM to alternative programs.


So my wish list is:

- Better support and more attention for the My RootsMagic Publishing Online feature.

- Have media displayed on the persons page sorted by time line, like the Ancestry Life History page.

- Images of documents are often unreadable. A zoom feature is needed.

- Ability to change any site settings without deleting the whole website first.

- Support of Ancestry portraits.

- Ability to zoom out in Pedigree view in order to show more of the tree.

- More options to control colors of the site.

- More options to control the layout & style of site and menu.


 I would even be willing to pay an additional fee to enable any additional My RootsMagic Publishing Online feature.



How to locate twins

23 April 2018 - 12:35 PM

Good evening,


Is there an easy way to locate twins ?





Is there a dedicated area to ask MyRootsMagic (publish online) questions ?

14 April 2018 - 05:36 AM

Good morning all,


Is there a dedicated area to ask MyRootsMagic (publish online) questions ?





Several MyRootsMagic questions

14 April 2018 - 05:02 AM

Good morning all,


I am new around here and browsed around using the search engien for about an hr. But did not find an answer to my question.


Since a couple of months have been working on my tree using Ancestry.com


Last couple of days I looked into getting the data online so family members , or actually any one with an interest in my family tree, can see the data online without subscribing to the Ancestry website.


Since I like what Rootsmagic does I bought the Version 7 , downloaded my Ancestry tree (uing the Treeshare option) and uploaded it to sites-rootsmagic- com (using the Myrootsmagic option).


The first test is located overhere: http://sites.rootsma...-tree/index.php


Regarding the online result I have several questions. Hopefully one of you can help me out.



A)  Pedigree View - no pedigree

In the Pedigree View I see only one person at a time. I seem unable to get a result like this on the sample site: http://sites.rootsma...le/pedigree.php

Even for my self the Pedigree can not be shown


B)  Introduction Page Photo - how to include

Where / how do I select / define the photo visible in the introduction ? As can bee see here on the sample site: http://sites.rootsma...ample/index.php


C)  Color Coding Male & Female - how to

How do I give male and females a different color ?


D) Media Gallery - no large version

Some images open to full size when clicking on them but other stay at thumbnail size

As can be seen in this screenshot: https://postimg.cc/image/fabskjn23/


E) Media gallery - no buttons

My media gallery does not have the "image" and "list" buttons although the sample gallery does have them, as can be seen overhere: http://sites.rootsma...ple/gallery.php


Any suggestions what the solution for the above issues could be ?


Thanks in advance for your help