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08 May 2019 - 07:50 PM

Rootsmagic Recommended Changes
I have been using RootsMagic for some time and came across some things I would recommend changed/added to the application.
If you know of a way that this version does any of this now, I would greatly appreciate tips to make these work.  If not, I hope
the RootsMagic developers will consider adding these features in a future update of this application.
- Reports:
 -- Lists, Duplicates:  the results showing the duplicate names should include dates, places of major event (birth).
 -- Add a different list report to identify names that are are not linked to the database tree (unlinked people).
The criteria for this report list states (not linked to anyone).  So you will not get a Mother and Child only on the list even
though they are not linked to the database tree.  Everyone in my database should be linked in some way to me.  So I want to find
those names that are not linked to either my line or my husbands line.
 -- Lists, Individual list: the results should include the person's record number.
 -- Report, lists, all reports, source list, select source:  include option to show record number.
- Searches: 
 -- When you search the People List for something like a certain place, results should show the number of records found meeting
the search criteria, and as you go through the results, it identifies (on bottom of the window for example) the number of the toal records
found (i.e., 20 of 100).  I have a large database and it would be nice to have an idea of how many records I need to go through meeting the
search criteria. 
- Relationships:
 -- I have my pedigree/family tree and my husbands in the same database.  I did this because I found that we have some family linked
in both our pedigrees.  I have my line color coded in red and his in blue.  It would be great that when we have the same grandparents/family
in far generations, that the color would change to a third color indicating that person is in both pedigrees. 
 -- Each person's relationship should be identified when you set relationships to include spouses, for example my aunt's relationship
is identified but her husband is not identified as my uncle.  It should.
 -- Have it where the relationship is shown for your main tree wife and a second relationship for the husbands tree in the ribbon below;
currently the relationships only show for one root person, I have to change the root peron to see my husbands's relationships.
- Misc:
 -- allow use to increase the font size on the place list
 -- Search and replace should allow for dates to be searched/replaced.  I have imported records and ant to change things about how
the original person format dates.  The feature doesn't allow for a search/replace of dates.
 -- Unused Places -- add a feature to be able to select all and delete all unused places at one time instead of one at a time.
 -- When you merge two people and the name is slightly different, it puts the merged name as an Alternate name.  However, it does not
include the source that was saved to it before the merge.  It should.