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In Topic: Creating a Source

05 November 2019 - 01:58 PM



The answer to Problem 1 is that Microsoft Word is not a 'WYSIWYG' word processing program.  (WYSIWYG = 'What you see is what you get' a computer term meaning you cannot reliably copy Word text into another program's text input box.  Word uses all kinds of 'behind the scenes' markers and code that do not always translate correctly when pasting text to another program.  Rich Text Format (RTF) uses some of these and ignores others while RM, as noted in Jerry's response, uses only some of the RTF elements.


Usually you can get around this by using an intermediate step of pasting the Word extract into a very basic plain text program.  I use Windows computers and there is a text applet included in Windows for decades called 'Notepad'.  When I paste Word extracts into Notepad and then copy the resulting Notepad text - sans all of the  nuisance behind the scenes Word baggage that Notepad strips off- I have successfully pasted this text into multiple programs including RM4-5-6-7 without additional editing.  Obviously this process is more efficient when copying large blocks of text so you may wish to continue editing small snippets of text post-paste.


The caveat for this is that all formatting of the Word text will be removed.  Think typewriter text ! 


If you do not use Word for special publishing or database functionality in your genealogy source documents, you could initially save your document(s) as File Type:   *.txt   - Word should drop the special markers and code before saving in this format.  Then your extracts from these *.txt fields should paste correctly across programs.


Hope this helps.


In Topic: 7.6.1 people added via Marriage don't appear in Index

16 October 2019 - 07:16 PM

I have experienced this issue as well.  All I do is go the Database Tools and select 'Rebuild Index".  This completes in a minute or two and seems to fix the issue on my machine (RM7 on Windows 10)


Hope this helps,


In Topic: Parentage

13 October 2019 - 10:04 PM

If I understand jeohlson's question correctly then Rootsmagic 7 does offer a limited method to indicate this status.  Try these steps and see if it answers your need:


1.  Enter Metta as a daughter of Carsten Carstens with as much fact/data element information as you wish to record.  Save.the record.

2.  Open this new Metta Carstens child in 'Edit person' mode.

3.  Highlight the 'PARENTS' data element above the Facts grid.

4.  Now set the Mother and Father Relationship flags (found in the PARENTS box that appeared to the right when you highlighted the PARENTS data element in step #3) to "UNKNOWN"

5.  You can also set the Mother and Father Proof flags to "DISPUTED"


These settings will apply only to the Metta child for these parents.  All other Carsten Carstens children will reflect their previous data settings in these two flags.


Hope this helps!




In Topic: Changing spouse order

27 November 2018 - 09:24 PM



If you click on the "SPOUSES" button (just under the program Menu bar) there is a choice at the bottom of the drop down menu called "Rearrange Spouses".  If you select this option a screen of spouses with respective marriage dates will open.  In the bottom of this screen are three options:


"Move Up" button:   Any highlighted spouse will be moved up in the display list 1 line for each time this button is clicked,


"Move Down" button:    This works like the Move Up button but the selected spouse moves down in the list.


"Sort by Marriage Date" button:  As you would expect this will sort all of the marriages by the entered date.  Note that spouse(s) with no marriage dates will sort to the top of the list by default.


I use RM7 in a Windows environment.