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In Topic: Storage of Media Files

03 March 2019 - 01:17 PM

Thank you all for sharing your approaches for file naming. I think I will take a bit of advice from everyone and create media sub-folders for each main family tree, then within each sub-folder name each file by date-place-family tree-type of media-description-original file name. Thank you experts! Marie

In Topic: Storage of Media Files

25 February 2019 - 01:22 PM



Perhaps some of you would call me old-school, and that's just fine with me.


I use my subscriptions to Ancestry.com and Newspapers.com and GenealogyBank.com as essential Repositories of data and images.


I do NOT have an online tree with Ancestry nor FamilySearch, so I never see any Web Hints. I'm quite accustomed to doing my own searches.


I rename every image and PDF during the download process, and place the new file into my appropriate subfolder. Often, I open those media files in Photoshop and/or Paint for additional edits. Then I go back to RM and tag those files to a Master Source, Citation, Place, Person and/or Fact. During that step I assign a Caption and Description to each media file.


File > Properties currently shows 25.7K multimedia files and 160.3K multimedia links. So, each media file has approx. 6-1/4 links. I can update the Caption and Description from any one of those links, and it takes effect for every related link. That's very helpful when I detect misspellings or other errors of omission.


Here's the current top-level organization of my media files. Note that a bunch of these top-level folders include subfolders. For example, there is a separate Census subfolder for each census year from 1681 to 1956.



Hello Zhangrau, Thanks so much for sharing your media file subfolder system. I am just starting to add media files to my RM database. But before I get too far along I wanted to know what the experts recommended for a filing and naming system. Your screenshot is very helpful but it's not clear though how you name each individual file within each subfolder. Do you have a naming convention? Could you show a screenshot of one of your subfolders like "photos"? Thank you! Marie

In Topic: Publishing online to MyRootsMagic.com

15 April 2018 - 10:09 AM

Thank you everyone for your advice. 

In Topic: Publishing online to MyRootsMagic.com

23 March 2018 - 11:02 AM

TomH - Thank you for giving me the size limit of 200 MB. How many websites are allowed under one account?


Renee Zamora - Thank you for the link to the video. I would never have found it on my own and it has helpful information. 

In Topic: Publishing online to MyRootsMagic.com

14 March 2018 - 06:39 PM

Also, I don't see much discussion or instructions about publishing to MyRootsMagic.com. Is this not a very popular feature? I'm new to the Roots Magic software and am wanting a way to share my family tree so relatives can access it read-only for free. I don't want to spend much/any time keeping the website updated so I can instead focus my time on updating the Roots Magic database. I would appreciate your advice on whether publishing to MyRootsMagic is worthwhile.