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In Topic: Using Dropbox with Roots Magic to Go

04 January 2021 - 03:34 PM

I can't speak about accessing Dropbox from a work computer, but I highly recommend saving all media files, the Roots Magic database and any other related files on Dropbox. Sure makes it easy to do family tree work from any device and from any location. Best part is that other family members can assist with creating and saving research files, and uploading to the database. This creates ONE master location for all of our work.


My uncle and I have been using this method of collaboration for two years now and it works like a dream. He lives two hours away from me and previously he would do his work on his own laptop. We only see each other a couple times a year so he would keep track of all the changes he made and load files to a USB stick. He couldn't just bring me a RM-TO-Go file, because at my end, I too am working on the same database and am also making changes and additions. Installing his RM-to-go file would overwrite all changes I had made, and he would not be able to incorporate my changes. So when he'd visit, we would huddle over both of our laptops. I would make his changes to my laptop - one by one. Then, he would make my changes to his laptop - one by one. What a waste of our time.


Both of us working from ONE master database on Dropbox and saving our files to ONE location has worked beautifully, with a few caveats: 

* only one person can have the database open at a time, otherwise a 'conflicted copy' gets created and only one set of changes is saved in the master database. So we phone each other to see if the other is working in it before opening the database.

* you may need to purchase extra space on Dropbox for a large volume of files

* you should do regular backups onto a laptop of the database and all media files - just in case catastrophe strikes.