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Access Violation Errors

04 March 2018 - 11:19 AM



I have read other forums on here on Access Violations and have followed all the steps - scanning, checking for errors, running anti-virus/anti-malware, rebooting the computer and I just even did a complete reinstall of Roots Magic. I do have High Sierra running on my 2012 machine (and I just reinstalled the OS 2 weeks ago).  


I still am receiving an Access Violation - "Access Violation at address 010A5041 in module "RootsMagic.exe". Read of Address 000000008."


Any ideas? I am getting this error when i go to "Publish A Book" from the menu. I a have been manually adding information but have connected the tree with Family Search. I did turn off web hints before my reinstall of RM. 


Since the reinstall, I have also been receiving an error with "Invalid Pointer Operation".