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enable new users to simply load database copies

02 January 2020 - 10:50 AM

Under the heading of 'flailing deceased equines', I have broached this subject in a few other forum entries.


Let me try to sell it in a RM marketing way; I am a senior; I want to pass along family history information to other, younger family members who, at this time, do not want to actively pursue family history data collection and storing in files. However, they do have an interest in being able to fine and display that history. I want to supply them with RM databases and a means to display them, and hope that subsequently their familiarity with tha app and the data will encourage them to get the main app and seek more information to update the database. The RM Essentials App fits this requirement, but the means to access the databases is far too convoluted to enable those with limited interest to expend the time and learning to accomplish it!


My long range intent would be to share database files with others in such a way that they would be independent of my dropbox (or other) sharing approach. To explain this differently, I would want remote users to be able to load a copy of a database from cloud storage, or texts and emails, into a regular or 'essentials' version of RM on a apple device, and these users would be able save the database to their device, locally, disconnect from my cloud storage, and still have access to, and 'own' the database.

Upgrade the ap for this group to allow opening RM database in the 'files' support

26 August 2019 - 06:56 PM

Dropbox is an awkward and old facility for sending and sharing RootsMagic databases with other persons. Other aps on thses platforms can find files to load and are able to save files to local files storage. The 'files' function can interface with other cloud storage offerings, such as iCloud/iDrive or OneDrive. Text and email can also transfer small databases from one user to another.