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In Topic: enable new users to simply load database copies

28 March 2020 - 10:05 AM

First, I apologize for injecting RM Essentials into this discussion. It does not belong in this 'iPhone/iPad/iPod' forum and has confused the discussion that I was trying to initiate. My daughter uses an iPad and an iPhone. One son uses an iPhone perhaps 80% of the time for many functions. My older grandchildren use iPhones for much incidental use and PCs for school work. More distant relations of various generations use mixed devices. In other words, I will be sharing with many different technical environments, and I hope to get at least some in younger generations involved in their family histories, hopefully actively seeking additional detail. For the less technically savvy, I want to be able to include short installation instructions.


Jerry, thanks for your continued support! Some questions about the Apple arena;

1. Will these users need to install some form of Dropbox?

2. If not, how do the RM apps 'see' the files shared via Dropbox?


And, thanks for the idea of sharing the B/U file with media included; probably not for regular use but another arrow in my quiver.


In Topic: enable new users to simply load database copies

19 March 2020 - 01:46 PM

Thanks for your responses!

I want to provide copies of different databases to sundry people, many of them younger generations. Even though most users would be on Windows PCs, I think that most of those users would be rabid cell phone users, so if I could get them using a portable copy of a genealogy file in their hip pockets, they would be more inclined to continue supporting these databases in later years. Hence my focus on the iPhone/iPad world.

I have used MS OneDrive in the past to share files and folders. I attempted to use Dropbox to share RM databases, but with very limited success, probably due to my limited understanding. In particular, I have family in California, and I live in New England, with one primarily using an iPad.

Jerry, a few questions (and incidentaly, kudos on your tips on the Descendants narrative generating, very complex); 

1. As far as the Windows/Essentials environment, would any of the file sharing sites work?

2. With Dropbox, is there a difference with sharing a file, or sharing the folder with the file? And are the media in a sub-folder of that same db folder?


In Topic: enable new users to simply load database copies

10 February 2020 - 08:00 PM

Thanks, Jerry, for your gentle correction of what I as a big error in my above request and, honestly, I am wondering if some of my unsteady  efforts to share my databases. I also want to ask a question about how to share a database via Dropbox; Is there correct way to share? I have looked at the Dropbox help website, and perhaps it's me, but I found the help info a little disorganized.


I also think that I could share a database using the 'airdrop' function in my iPhone to my target's iPhone, if I knew what the target person would need to do with it,



In Topic: enable new users to simply load database copies

06 February 2020 - 07:54 PM

Thanks for your responses.


Renee, 2 questions;

1. Should I have received an email that there were responses to my entry? i didn't.


2. MyRootsMagic sounds interesting! If I share access to this site, can a person with a share download a copy to the Essentials product?


J.P. I am mainly interested in the Essentials products on the iPhone and iPad, although I don't know enough about the Mac environment and don't really want to exclude it.


TomH, my Essentials copies on my iPhone and on my iPad can load from 1. storage on this device, or from Dropbox.

If the file or files are on this device, they do NOT show in the builtin 'Files' App/Process. Also, if you transfer a RM database file to my devices via shared OneDrive/iCloud/GoogleDrive/Box/etc, it doesn't show in the 'on this device' display. Note that iCloud comes built in, not added in. This leaves Dropbox. the people that I wish to share with are not eager, or may not want to install Dropbox. They really should not need to. Also, I tried to work with, or through, Dropbox. I had worked in Data Processing for 50 years, on the technical side, installing and maintaining mainframe operating systems. I had difficulty sharing RM databases with my iDevices, and in using the Dropbox help information online. When working with others, I found it complex to try to create useable instructions. So far, I have not succeeded. I hope to push a simpler approach.