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In Topic: Sharing RM databases with Apple product users

30 December 2018 - 10:35 AM

Thank you, all, for your responses.


For the time being, I accept that Dropbox is the only game in town, and that 2MB is available at no charge.


I want to be able to send a copy of a RM database to people with an iOS device, who are not close enough to me to make travel a realistic alternative. I would like to have the database be stored on their iOS device, since there might be circumstances when they might be reluctant to access the internet in non-secure places, and therefore not have access to Dropbox. What would be the solution. As I understand it, the iOS based RM cannot 'save' the database to local storage in the iOS device. I have looked at and tried the new iOS 'Files' app, but have not seen where the RM app stores its on-device databases.


In addition, when using the new 'Files' app, I can see that it has access to such storage apps as OneDrive, iDrive, Box and of course Dropbox. I would like to see the RM storage space be opened to this storage app. Can this happen?



In Topic: Sharing RM databases with Apple product users

25 December 2018 - 09:04 PM

I want to continue and expand on this topic that I started.


My long range intent would be to share database files with others in such a way that they would be independent of my dropbox (or other) sharing approach. To explain this differently, I would want remote users to be able to load a copy of a database from cloud storage into a regular or 'essentials' version of RM on a apple device, and these users would be able save the database to their device, locally, disconnect from my cloud storage, and still have access to, and 'own' the database.


Is there a way to do this, or is something in development to enable this?