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Using multiple computers to access the same database

12 January 2018 - 12:51 PM

Hi, I'm a total noob here but have been infected with the genealogy bug and just started to use Roots Magic 7.  I am sure this is being done elsewhere but my searchs of tesi forum resulted in nothing.  I have purchased the full version of Roots Magic and would like to work on it from multiple computers on my home network without backing up on one computer to my drop box then restoring it to the other computer when I want to work on the same database at a different computer.  I understand that Roots Magic 7 to Go would be an option but was wondering if anyone else is doing something similar to what I am trying to do.   This also brings up the question is can I have a data base that is available to other members of my family located in others parts of the US so we can work on it together?


Sorry if I posted this in the wrong area but I really appreciate any help someone can give me.  Thanks in Advance!