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11 January 2018 - 10:05 PM

Hi, :rolleyes:


I'm a new user of RootsMagic, although this is something I've wondered about ever since using Family Tree Maker. A quick history before my question...It's regarding my family surname, which changed several times over generations. Originally from France, they eventually went to Quebec, where they picked up "dit names". For those who might not already know, it's a second last name applied to their original surname to distinguish them from others with the same surname. An example would be: 'Hugon dit Jarret', where Hugon might be their original surname and Jarret was added as a 'dit' or "also known as". Some of them used the full dit name so I enter the full name, some used either one of the names, so I enter whichever name that person used. But here's where my real question comes in: Some of them were born with one name and changed it to the other name in the course of their own life; for example; born John Hugon, but changed it to John Jarret, as it appears later in life and when he died.


SO: The question is, does anyone know how I should enter this in RootsMagic? Do I enter his name as John Hugon (as it appears on his birth records and when he was a young child) or John Jarret (as it appears in later census records and his death record)? I have several ancestors who did this, annoyingly, and I'm not sure which to use for their main name record, the one they were born with or the one they died with. (I will of course make a note of the full dit name in the notes section, but I'm just not sure how to enter it as it should appear in the 'name' field.


Thanks so much for any advice!