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In Topic: TreeShare - Marriage Not Showing On Family View

18 January 2018 - 03:06 PM

I've developed and tested SQL to fix this problem.  I'll be posting it on the SQLite Tools for RootsMagic site today or tomorrow - in the 'Submit Your Problem' section.

In Topic: TreeShare - Marriage Not Showing On Family View

04 January 2018 - 11:36 AM

Somebody already does convert the individual marriage events to couple events, if it is really true that a marriage event is only an indivdiual event. That happened with imports of Ancestry GEDCOMs, direct import of TreeSync'd databases from FTM 2012-2014, and does now with TreeShare downloads. What I have run into in Ancestry is where some record created an individual Marriage event, not a couple event, that you would not see on the other spouse's profile. Those became custom individual events when imported by any of these means to RM. So I think Ancestry supports the standard Marriage event (a couple) and a non-standard individual Marriage event. It is the latter causing difficulty.

I have 34 records like this in my RM file and I've been tracing the problem in the database.  The problem manifests itself in the program with a sentence that begins with "[couple] married on..." instead of the spouse's names.

All affected marriages were from records added in Ancestry and pulled into RM.  I've narrowed down the problem in the data: there are marriage events for each of the spouses, but the OwnerType is 0, not 1, and the FamilyID is 0 instead of the FamilyID for the couple.  I'm working on a SQL fix and will update you when I've got it running.