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Using RootsMagic APP with MAC version

30 November 2017 - 12:38 PM

OK, I figured out how to get my RootsMagic tree on my iPhone with the RootsMagic App. Here are the steps:

1) Make sure you have Dropbox installed on your MAC and you can open the Dropbox folder with Finder. I already had an Apps folder for other applications. So if step 3 fails, create a Apps folder Dropbox.

2) Install the RootsMagic App on your device. I used my iPhone.

3) Start the RootsMagic App and connect to Dropbox. This created a RootsMagic folder in my Dropbox Apps folder.

4) Find the RootsMagic .RMGC tree you want on your device with Finder and copy it to the Dropbox, Apps, RootsMagic folder. I opened Dropbox in my browser and copied it there so I would not have to wait for it to sync.

5) Press Files on the RootsMagic App. If you connected to Dropbox, you should see 'Unlink Dropbox Account' at the top. If you don't see you RootsMagic tree in the list. Wait a few minutes and press the refresh icon at the top right hand corner of the screen.


P.S. I had manually created the RootsMagic folder in the Dropbox, Apps folder before linking Dropbox in the APP. That caused a problem. The APP created Dropbox, Apps, RootsMagic(1) and I could not get it to work. I deleted the RootMagic and RootsMagic(1) folders, unlinked Dropbox from the APP and started over. After the APP created the RootsMagic folder and I copied the .RMGC file there, everything worked fine.


That's all I've got. Here's the stuff from the RootsMagic App - FAQ that helped me get this going.

Obviously the File > Save to Dropbox for Apps is not on the MAC version of RootsMagic. That's why steps 1 and 4 above. 


How do I copy my data to my device using Dropbox?
There are 2 steps to copying your file to your device: 1) copying your file from the computer to Dropbox, and 2) copying your file from Dropbox to your device.

  • Copying your file from your computer to Dropbox
    1. Open your file in RootsMagic on your computer
    2. Do "File > Save to Dropbox for Apps" from the RootsMagic menu
    3. Sign in to Dropbox and give it permission to upload your file
  • Copying your file from Dropbox to your device
    1. Select the "File" option at the bottom of the app, then select the "Dropbox" option that appears.
    2. If you haven't previously connected to Dropbox from the RootsMagic app:
      1. You will be directed to Dropbox to sign in
      2. Dropbox will ask you to authorize the RootsMagic app. Click the "Allow" button to authorize the RootsMagic app.
      3. A folder called "Apps" will be created in the root of your Dropbox Folder. Inside of the "Apps" folder will be created a "RootsMagic" directory.
    3. Select your file from the list. Depending on the size of the file it may take a minute or two to download the database to your device. A message will pop up when the file is finished downloading to let you know you are ready to use the database
    4. The file should now show up under the "On Device" tab in the RootsMagic app. This means it has been copied to your device and doesn't need to be reloaded from Dropbox unless you change the file on your computer.
    5. If you edit the database on your computer (and re-save it to Dropbox as above), the app will let you know that the files have been modified and need to be re-downloaded to your device. After a file has been downloaded you can then access the file from the "On Device" tab.