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Observations on PH3

28 March 2018 - 08:17 AM

I purchased and downloaded version 3 yesterday. I had been working with version 2 so I thought I would see what version 3 is like. I have found the following observations.


  1. Import Data
    1. Import from Rootsmagic with defined group not available.
    2. Import from RM database is better than using the GEDCOM file but not always possible.
    3. Cannot import people not related by blood? Cousin by marriage, not blood, ignored?
  2. Disproven or disputed facts also imported with no indication that they were rejected.
  3. If no date on fact then it is not imported.
  4. New Lifecapsule function appears to work well.
  5. Can’t see source or footnote on a story that I am working on but they do print out when published.
  6. Story titles print even if selected no (Must set to NO in two places)
  7. Individual stories are imported and have various status as to started and not started. Reset all stories to a not started status?
    1. SQLite Expert tool to set status to 0.
  8. If import based on single person then the story is cut off at that timeline ignoring facts for a relative that occurred before or after principal person. Not appropriate for a family story. Creating a fictitious person with the proper time span can solve this but must be deleted from stories after import.
  9. You can import over an existing PH story and new things will be added. If you change data that will affect a story title then a new story will be created that will need to be deleted or merged with changes from PH3.
  10. No options for footnotes vs endnotes?
  11. No bibliography?
  12. Import Photos. A photo associated with person does not seem to import. Photos associated with events do import and with multiple photos per event. Can resize photos but limited to four options to place photo. Photos are unacceptably placed in publish. Pictures can be at bottom of page and overlaid with footnotes.


Just my observations to date. Hope this may help others.

convert one census format to another

05 March 2018 - 09:50 AM

I am trying to clean up all my mistakes and poor choices that I have made in RM in the past. None of these issues should reflect poorly om RM as they are all of my own doing but I hope that someone may have also run into this situation and can provide a brilliant solution.

I will use census records as an example of my problem. When entering a citation and source for a census record I have not always made the right choice regarding the correct template to use. There appear to be about 20 different templates for a US Federal census. I have not always chosen wisely. I am trying to get a printable genealogy and the footnotes and bibliography are not always correct because of some missing data.

I have looked at all the various ways in RM to correct a census source to be in the correct template but so far I have found nothing except going manually through every source and citation to make it correct. The merge function works but data is lost during the merge. I have looked at SQL and found that for every citation there is in a blob field with XML code for the fields for that source. Unless I wright a program to parse the XML and then match that up with what should be in the correct format for the new source template there is no SQL solution.

Before I continue with this manual process I was hoping someone may have a better solution.

RM7 website files

23 February 2018 - 01:59 PM

I attempted to create the website from the files created by RM7. Initially everything looked ok but on one tree I found that one whole branch was missing from the pedigree chart. I examined all components of the database and every bit of information on that person and his ancestors was missing.


The pedigree view in RM7 has always worked for this branch.

A chart produces this branch successfully.

All reports show no errors in this branch.


I ran all four of the database tools and they completed ok.

I tried using a smaller subset to see if size was an issue.


After all this that branch is still missing in the final website. What should I check next to see why this link is broken?

Long Term Preservation of Data

18 February 2018 - 12:57 PM

This may not be a topic for this forum and if so we can  move or delete it.


I have been wrestling with long term preservation of my genealogical data. I have been working with genealogy since the mid 1980's. Started with Word, Went to Brothers Keeper in early 1990's and about 1995 moved to The Master Genealogist until late 2014 when it went defunct and I switched to Rootsmagic. Every conversion cost me dearly which made me concerned what would happen when I stop this and could someone else pick up the work at a later time. I have no solutions at this time but I have considered the following:

  1. Provide backups to Rootsmagic SQLite database both onsite and offsite.
    1. Good short term solution but if this lies dormant for 20 years who will be able to read that database.
  2. Provide GEDCOM file. (I assume Rootsmagic may go away in the next 20+ years)
    1. The current GEDCOM output from Rootsmagic conforms to the standard but the output is not fully supported by any other software package and on import to something other than Rootsmagic, data is lost.
    2. GEDCOM X may provide a solution if:
      1. The GEDCOM X standard is completed and if it will back up everything.
      2. If Rootsmagic implements the GEDCOM X standard and other programs support the GEDCOM X standard as Rootsmagic has implemented it.
  3. Conclusion: At this time no physical backup will provide recoverability in the long term.
  4.  Print all my data that can be scanned in in future if data is not readable
    1. Print an individual summary and select everyone in a database.
      1. No other option can get everyone without a lot of duplication.
      2. Would require a large effort to reconstitute database.
    2. Print Narrative reports
      1. Ancestor reports would miss many people in my database.
      2. Descendant reports would capture everyone but would require a large number of reports, one for each family line.
      3. Combining into a single report would be problematic in that if I have 100 surnames to print descendant reports for they would all start at  number one. These numbers would need to be edited to accommodate all lines and would be error prone.
    3. Wish: The ability to select as many people as I want and have a combined descendancy report for all lines selected and eliminating duplicates.
  5. SQL to create something like a comma delimited file for every table. Need also the structure and definitions for all tables and fields to later import back into an SQL database
    1. SQL dump command outputs data and structure to a text file of SQL commands.
    2. Will work as long as SQL databases exist and can execute SQL commands.
    3. Relational databases were describe back in 1970 and SQL was accepted as a standard in 1986. While some changes might be required to the text file containing all the SQL it could be edited to adjust for changes.
  6. Export all trees to Ancestry, Familysearch or other and hope they don't go away.
  7. Comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

SQL Help

13 February 2018 - 03:29 PM

This is probably not for this forum but I have been looking at Tom H's site and I see that that address space will be going away. Any relocation or is this the end?