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22 March 2018 - 05:38 PM

I would rather have it well done rather than early but it was targeted for 1st quarter. Any update on release date?

In Topic: convert one census format to another

11 March 2018 - 09:31 AM

Tom and Jerry,


OK I couldn't resist the temptation with the names.


It looks like I can use both of your suggestions one to permanently fix a template and second to fix, apparently an anomaly in RM7. I was still getting the field names out and once I saw Tom's explanation it was easy to find and fix my problem. In this case all I needed to do was create a second citation and then delete all references to the first citation. Problem Solved.


Jerry - I will be using your solution to permanently correct a few templates and this will take me a bit longer since I may have quite a few but at least I have a solution that will work.



In Topic: convert one census format to another

07 March 2018 - 12:40 PM


Your comments are well taken. I'm sorry about any typos of the numbers. When I actually do this the numbers will be different anyway.


For the time being I am going to put the issue of commas aside as I can live with them.


My bigger problem is this. I also use custom fact types but I don't believe they have anything to do with the problem I am going to outline.


I have a hard copy real estate deed.


I entered the info on a custom fact called real estate because the wording on the Property Fact type didn't suit the situation.


I entered a citation with the citation type of deeds Local registers.


Because this deed was obtained several years ago I don't have the current volume/page, or item of interest. I left those fields blank. When entering the data on the right portion of the screen it displays what the footnote, short footnote and the bibliography will look like and it all looks ok with no reference to the missing data. At that point I thought I was ok.


(I tried providing a screen print but it was rejected)


When I generated a narrative report report the footnote did not look the same as what I had seen earlier. It looked like this:


        9. Town of Coventry Connecticut, , [VolumePage], [ItemOfInterest], [RecordDate]; Coventry Land Records,, 1712 Main St, Coventry , Connecticut 06238.


This also occurs on a family group sheet report. If I place a space in those fields then the field names disappear in the footnote. I am at a loss as to why the display on the citation screen is ok and in the reports they contain the field names.


Obviously the correct solution is for me to provide all the data for every citation.


I can't see any solution other than to review and edit every fact and citation that I have. Whew - I am already tired.

In Topic: convert one census format to another

05 March 2018 - 04:25 PM

Jerry Thank you for your response. I will need to read that several times before I attempt anything. It appears that I may be able to at least save some of the manual work.


Nettie also made me think of what my goal is with citations. To me there are two goals:

1. Make my work more credible by having source citations for all my facts and relationships.

2. Make my citations useful in finding the original source where I found the data.

    a. Should I rely on using a search engine to find the data or,

    b. make my citation specific enough that I could fill out a NARA form to request the particular page in question.

    c. no decision yet

2b would require much more data than 2a since the search engines will use their index to find the record. I saw in another post about the citation data that appears with the results of both Ancestry and Familysearch and I would want to accommodate what they provide.


One of my issues with the source templates is that if I don't have data for a particular field then unpleasant things happen in the footnote, short footnote or bibliography.


if for instance I have a book and have only the last name of the author then in the bibliography it comes out


Last name,,rest of bibliography.


If I have both first and last name it would come out


Last name,First name,rest of bibliography.


I don't think the extra commas make it any clearer. Also in the footnote if for instance I don't enter the page the footnote then has the field name [Page] in the footnote (this does not always occur but I haven't determined where this is happening).


Since I cannot edit the built in templates I cannot correct this situation for missing data. 

I was thinking the following might work as a TEMPORARY Fix.

Copy the book template to a new template of mine that I can edit. In SQL the book template has an id of 14 and my new template id is 450

I can then list all the records in the source table with a templateid of 14 and the change the 14 to a 440

Then I would go in and edit the sentence structure for my new template to look the way I want.

In Topic: RM7 website files

27 February 2018 - 01:31 PM

I think it came from a cut and paste from a website with an obituary. So far it has only been found twice.