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In Topic: Personal Historian & Family Atlas survival outside Rootsmagic?

24 November 2018 - 11:06 AM

For me shared facts are used to include all the people that actually shared a particular fact or event.  There are some family facts built into RM7 such as marriage and divorce that work well. I have found that I really want to use shared facts in several other instances. Census records come to mind where you have the head of household and people living at that site at a particular time.  It seems very logical to me to include the fact at the head of household and include all the members of the family as shared facts. I have read that many people use a different approach and add the census information for each individual but that can be a problem if you need to update the data and must now change several facts and trust you don’t make an error from one to another where with a shared fact I only need to change a single entry. Family census only includes a spouse si if I report on a child the data from the census is lost unless I add a second census event for the child.


I also have a situation where a family began in New Hampshire, Moved to Michigan, then to Iowa, then to Kansas and finally back to New Hampshire.  I use shared facts so I don’t have to enter essentially the same data multiple times and any changes to that fact only need to be changed in one place.


I have also used both PE3 and FA in my work. I can use PH to integrate certain people into a timeline. I wanted a chronological story of five family members as they moved west in the 1850s. RM7 does not do that and I developed a sequence of using RM7 and PH3 to accomplish what I want. All the changes to a story are done in RM7 and then re imported into PH3. Cumbersome but it works and I avoid having multiple copies of my data.


I have also used a time capsule function in another, now defunct, software package and found the potential of Life Capsules to be very great but lacked some refinement. For instance I could create my own Life Capsule but if I included it in my work it appeared for everyone. This needed to be fixed so that a particular Life Capsule could be included by individual if desired so that my local history for Boston Massachusetts does not appear in the genealogy of someone who was never ever even  near Boston.


I also should be able to attach any or all of these Capsules to any individual or group.


I think that for shared events or life Capsules it should be decided to either keep them or not, but if they will be kept then all the issues people have found using shared events or Life Capsules should be addressed by RM.


I would like integration to be closer. I should be able to have both RM open and PH open at the same time and the PH data would be a direct real time look at my RM database. I could then make changes to RM and have it appear in PH without the re-importing of the data. Rm and PH currently do something like this by allowing updates to my PH3 data. However at some point you can make changes in PH that are not in RM and that may make the process a little more difficult.


Just my thoughts

In Topic: Release Date for RM8

24 November 2018 - 09:06 AM

Jerry I agree that this looks like an announcement to me also. What would be even more interesting would be what is planned for release 8, which they will probably not divulge until it is already released.


I wonder who their audience is for this offer? I already have both RM7 and PH3. At this point I don't think the books would be on my Christmas list. So I can spend $30 now and get version 8 in 2019 or wait until it is released and pay $19.95 for an upgrade. I think I will be waiting for an upgrade.


I have RM7, PH3 and family Atlas. All of which are great but I look forward to various changes in each.

In Topic: Way points and pointers

04 October 2018 - 07:05 AM

One other item that I can't seem to find a solution for is shared events. If a person is not the primary person for that event it does not appear on the map. Am I doing something wrong or is this the way FA works?

In Topic: Which marker is on top

27 September 2018 - 03:50 PM



I've come up with a workaround. I set the size of the marker for the places to 0 which leaves a path allowing the genealogical markers to show.

In Topic: Way points and pointers

15 September 2018 - 04:15 PM




  1. Some dates don’t sort well even in Excel. Excel treats dates differently before 1900.  You can see the different Excel sort results here. This may not be related to FA but just a fact I observed. I have not been able to reproduce my date issue yet. Maybe I cleaned up my data sufficiently to avoid the issue.










  1. Date ranges can cause strange results. I had a person that lived in town X between 1806 and 1822. That was supported by all the evidence that I found. I also found a fact that between 1815 and 1822 she may have lived in town Y, also a documented fact. The fact that there is conflicting data works ok in RM but does not map well in FA since the person probably did not live in both places at the same time but no fact can get me any closer at this time. Those two fact dates should be serial and not overlapping. Not an FA problem but I have not decided how I can address this yet.
  2. Don’t include any fact that cannot be attributed to that individual. No life cycle type information or general history. These will put points on your map that may not correspond to the individual.
  3. All places must be down to the same level of granularity. If you use city then all places should be down to the city. If you have only a state or country fact mixed in then you end up with points that seem to be misplaced. In some cases I may be able to adjust by creating a proof statement that would essentially say in all probability she was in this city at this time because….
  4. The one good thing about this is it forces me to reexamine my data and find areas that need improvement or correction or a proof statement. The only real issue is the date sorting in item 1 that sorts strangely in excel as well. I have not been able to recreate the date sorting as yet but will try after I clean up the other data issues so I have as clean a map as possible.

I think as soon as I clean up my data the date problem will either go away or it will be much easier to identify.


FA looks to be the correct solution to my explaining migration paths to the non genealogists.


One last question? The ability to adjust a path within FA would be nice. If I try to do it in RM7 it becomes quite messy. Is that on the enhancement list?