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In Topic: DNA usage in RM7

17 September 2020 - 09:49 AM



I agree that a genealogical program cannot be expected to do everything. However it would be nice if RM also supported an autosomal test as well as the Y and Mitochondrial test. What I was hoping to do was be able to tie various people together that link through DNA. I would probably share a DNA match between myself, the other match and then the common ancestor.


I may create my own fact type and place the DNA data in the note field. Perhaps as private but still contemplating that.


DNA can only go so far and then it is up to the individual to do the old fashioned research. Just linking a new person or line into mine is only the beginning. I want to know who these new people are and what their lives were like.

In Topic: RM field size/limits vs GEDCOM

11 September 2020 - 10:12 AM

Thanks all


I have also tested field lengths and found exactly what Jerry is saying. The long description field with no use of CONC or CONT  results in a violation of GEDCOM as Jerry points out.


I would like to make more use of the description field to put in actual data for an event that exceeds the 90 character limit. The lack of an RM restriction will cause many people problems later on. I actually would like the description field to work just like and in addition to the note field. I know this does not work well with GEDCOM but at some point the GEDCOM issues need to be addressed.


It looks like there may be no restriction on the note field size unless there is an addressing problem as we go over the 32,768 limit but I can mostly work with this limit and structure my notes making use of privacy flags to separate genealogical data from actual notes. Private information can be selected or rejected at output time so my notes will not appear in a final report.


when is 8 going to get here. Rhetorical question

In Topic: RM field size/limits vs GEDCOM

10 September 2020 - 04:27 PM

If I confine myself just to RM I tried both of your examples; Occupation and Description.


I was able to put close to 1,000 characters in the description field as a test. RN did not object and put out the entire 1,000 in a narrative report..


I was also able to exceed the 120 characters in the place field.


 I have yet to try an Gedcom export so i'm not sure yet how RM deals with the larger size fields.  I have  also tried large amounts of text in the note field with no ill effect in RM. Don't know yet what happens in GEDCOM but I would hope that RM would restrict content if needed.


My main concern is the note field and how large that can be. RN has some shortcoming on storing event data and I was thinking that structuring the note field may give me what I need


OK back to additional testing.

In Topic: Need larger Pedegree chart

10 September 2020 - 12:37 PM



Thank you. Most of the application is still usable but I will need to adjust to not having a pedigree view.


I would assume that if I have a tablet with an IOS system then I would probably use the full RM package. If I have a Surface with Windows I would also use the full application. I have tried on my phone but I have decided not to pursue that device.

In Topic: Need larger Pedegree chart

10 September 2020 - 06:55 AM



I have my RM database on my Samsung tablet and while it works differently from the PC version it would work very well on my research trips. I often need to look up items to verify that what I am looking at is actually the correct person.


The problem that I have is I generally like to work from a pedigree chart and the version that shows on my tablet ( 10.1 inches) is too small to read without a magnifying glass and unlike other applications on phones and tablets I can't seem to enlarge the chart. I was hoping someone would have had more experience with this application than me and show me where I am missing something and show me how to expand the pedigree chart.