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FTM not importing into Roots Magic 7

11 November 2017 - 10:56 AM

I'm unable to import my .ftm file into Roots Magic 7.   I'm using FTM 2014.1   When importing the file,  I get a RM7 error message that says:


             ERROR:  This file appears to be corrupted or is not actually an FTM file.  


I have opened up FTM 2014.1 and looked at the file I want to import.   All appears to be well at that end.  I can manipulate data, etc.  I close the file and close FTM.   Then I attempt to import that file into RM7, but have gotten the error message each time.  I've tried this with several different FTM files I have - getting the same error message each time.


I was able to convert the FTM file to a ged.com and successfully import it into RM7.  


I was also able to import older .ftm files not made in FTM 2014.1.   So is that the problem - FTM 2014.1?     


Thanks in advance for any thoughts you may have.    Carol